I messed up bigtime...  

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11/15/2005 8:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I messed up bigtime...

Man.. (or woman)..

I went to a website tonight and now i'm all horny, have this massive hard on and only way I can think of getting rid of the damn thing is to draw. How pathetic is that?!

Sure I could 'rent a ho', but I need a real snatch, something edible. A 'ho' just won't cut it because of the condom thing (ho's require 2 condoms minimum) and also i just haven't the strength to go out cruise'n around looking for one. I know they're aren't any out here in bumfuck egypt (chicago sw burbs). I'd have to go about 17 miles and by then it'd be pointless.

Pointless like now, because by me typing all this, my problem is fading. Then again, i've been waking up periodically with them as well. Either I go purchase a toy to release this 'joy' or just lump it and save up for the next lucky woman. I'll prolly go get a toy because, to me, it's far easier than trying to hook up with a woman.

Oh. The 'fat woman' called me today, trying to apologize, told her the damage has been done. I told her I was sorry for saying she was fat and that I thought things wouldn't work out. I also explained to her how I hated being called skinny, like fat people hate being called fat. Honestly, it sounded as if she were crying and I told her I have to go, because I don't have time for that crying bullshit. I said goodbye and hung up.
I mean really, She doesn't know me well enough to be crying and to me, that was a sign of constant trouble, major issues if you will.

Well, guess i'll work on my horniness since i've nothing better to do.

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