The Red Triangle  

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4/18/2006 8:29 pm

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The Red Triangle

I think triangles have special powers, and I can prove it.

To understand completely, you will have to read my blog to get the connection...but here's my proof.

First, I recently split up from my spouse, Ms. X2B, after many years of marriage, most of them, faithful.

Anyway, Ms. X2B is a hot redhead and partially to blame for my handle, "N2Reds". Of course, you know the rest of the story...

Fast forward to Ms. FIRST, my single purpose in life. I have now swapped dozens of emails and photos with a lot of very hot women on this and other sites. I am having the time of my life, and all of them are in a race to be Ms. FIRST.

Some know it, and some don't!

Those of you who read my blog remember Ms. BLUE, we've been having an on-again, off-again lip locking session. She and I made out like high schoolers today in the park. It's getting to be a standing order.

Then, Ms. FRIEND, Ms. WORK (formally Girl at Work), Ms. CAM, Ms. RIGHT and a few others I haven't been able to introduce yet, are all moving forward toward the end result...I'm freakin' exhausted!

Okay. Back to triangles and power. Ms. X2B is a hot redhead, and to elevate her status further, she is a Scorpio...the most passionate lovers on the planet!

Are you starting to get the picture? Hamburger is to steak as the average woman is to Ms. X2B. She's one in a million. And, hey, she's been getting hit on since she was old enough to turn a head.

So, she has an affair, wrecks our marriage and sends me on a quest to find Ms. FIRST (the first woman I make love to since returning to single life).

So, what happens? I start meeting a lot of great women and begin going through the selection process. A few stand out and a couple are hovering near the top, but at the very pinnacle of the next Ms. FIRST list is a very UNIQUE coven…yes,three separate women, unique to all others, but being similar to one guessed it...the TRIANGLE!

Three beautiful, fire hot redheads...all Scorpios! I SWEAR, I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP as you will see when the story progresses.

The Red Triangle as I have come to call it, is very powerful. Each of these women, individually, is a force to be reckoned with and enough for several men.

How did this happen? And, all at the same time? Seriously, I have three beautiful redheaded Scorpios vying for the crown of Ms. FIRST... and, I didn't initiate contact with any of them! They all sought me out! IMPOSSIBLE? I agree.

This, my friends, is no coincidence, it is a conspiracy! This is POWER from beyond. Three top Ms. FIRST prospects with everything in common with Ms. X2B (my soon to be ex-wife)? I need help with this one folks.

I mean, maybe I could have manipulated the odds if I had made the first contact or solicited them in anyway. But, no, this is ALL NATURAL!

These very unique red goddesses have come down to earth to play...with me.

The Red Triangle, now that's power!

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