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5/8/2006 9:07 pm

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I can't believe it! I have been duped. Everyone told me it would happen and to be prepared for it. Of course, I followed their advise and have been very careful, but I let my guard down for a split-second and BOOM...a high flying right cross caught me right on the nose and down I went.

Ms. IRISH is a fake! Repeat FAKE!

Finally, I busted through the log jam and exposed her deception. She has been using a fake name for the past six weeks. Having me call her by this contrived alias, even during our most intimate moments together.

Now, using an alias is fine. I understand using one up front and even a few days into a new relationship. But, after you spend hours getting to know intimate details about someone and after you have had SEX with them (even if by cam, phone or chat), you should develop some trust and fess up.

Well, she did. Only five weeks too late! I suspected something was wrong from the beginning. The fact that someone is unwilling to share certain details about themselves and who refuses to meet you should have been easy signs for me to read (FILAYOR!).

My intuition about her kept bugging me to press to find out more. And then, I got more than just her last name. I found out I didn't know her first name either. And if that wasn't shocking enough...

THEN, CAME THE OTHER guessed it! She doesn't look anything like her 10 year old photographs either!!!

I felt like such a fool. I thought she had it all, brains, personality, spirit and yes, beauty. I admit I was very attracted to her photos. They were HOT, and that's who I thought I was making love with during the best phone sex of my life (next to Ms. RIGHT of course!).

Then, SMACK! An uppercut caught me square on the chin and knocked me completely out.

She lied. I actually liked her. Everything about her. I am certain everything she told me about her life, family, job and sexual preferences is true...except a couple of small details, LIKE YOUR NAME! AND FACE!

Now, you may be asking..."If you liked her, why can't you look past her alias (as her protective buffer) and accept her for who she is 10 or 15 years older or 250 pounds heavier?"

Good question? But, the answer is simple. She lied! I just went through a huge deception in my marriage, and I will not tolerate lying from anyone, especially from a potential mate.

These kinds of lies are the worst of all because they include two people. First, she lied to me. Second, she is lying to herself. How could a person make themselves believe that when their lover finds out they are not what they say they are, all will be forgiven?

That's insane. And, like Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say about that...

rm_funforme143 54F

5/9/2006 11:02 am

Don't worry, Be Happy baby! Look at it this way, you are no longer a virgin. Congratulations on having your maiden broken!!! LOL!! Now the first one is over, you can move forward and it will be so much easier and less painful when it happens again! (trust me, it will!) She only had a 10% chance anyway. At least it wasn't Ms. Blue, your makeout queen and the girl that makes you feel like a schoolboy!! Seriously, it's all good. Your karma will keep you safe. I do have one question though, If Ms Ruble is a lawyer why does she need you to investigate how she can come to America?

another red Scorpio! (red hot, not redhead!!)

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