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5/12/2006 2:54 pm

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Yep, this nut bag woman has gone off the deep end. Let this be a lesson to all my potential lovers. Yes, I drive women CRAZY! They get freakin addicted to me and obsessed, and can't let it go.

I am not boasting, and I don't consider this to be an envious trait. Besides, it only happens to the ones I don't want to have anything to do with, not the ones I'd like to have in my face all the time.

Back to Ms. IRISH. She has texted me constantly and left another dozen voice mails. I thought for sure she would drop it after two days...WRONG!

She finally threatened to come by my work (yes, too much information, I know)! I don't believe she would, after all, she wouldn't even meet me when we were hot to trot! But, I'd had enough.

I emailed her and asked who was showing up? The girl with the FAKE NAME, the girl with the REAL NAME or both of them?

Of course, that crystallized the issue for her, and she then knew that I was on to her. After she responded with "me, myself and I," I sent another email reminding her of her "rule" about having relationships with married (even separated) men and about the fact that she espouses to be a huge Christian, blah, blah, blah...

I asked her if these things were true to respect my decision and let it go. Finally, I mentioned that if she continued to harass me, I would contact the police.

Of course, this put her back on her heals for a few hours, but as fully expected, she came back with a different slant. Now she is sorry for getting pissed off BEFORE GIVING ME A CHANCE TO EXPLAIN my reasons for the break up (same song, different verse).

She will not get an explanation from me, or further contact.

I have dealt with crack pots like this before (although she is exceptionally determined), and I know the best strategy is to ignore them completely and let it fizzle out. It eventually will. The more you engage them, the more hope they get and delude themselves into thinking there's still a chance, no matter how small. Any response fuels their need for attention and feeds their craving.

Given her familiarity with this process...seemingly knowing each move in advance and having quickly prepared responses...I would speculate this to be a very well defined pattern for her that she implements time after time. SAD AND PATHETIC, BUT TRUE!

Not for me...I am OUT!

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