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Things are moving so fast it's hard to keep track of them in my Blog. Sorry for missing a couple days, but I had a great holiday weekend and decided to take a break from my thoughts.

After finding Ms. FIRST, I wasn't sure what to do next. I came up with Chapter 2, but it will likely be a working title. There is still plenty of discovery ahead...

Anyway, I slept with Ms. RIGHT!

I figured that was the best way to introduce the news, just straight out! But, before I bring you up to speed, let me say, she is exquisite! In EVERY WAY!

FLASHBACK: I knew she was special when I first met her, and I just knew we would be together one day. That day was last weekend. Talk about your all nighters!!!

OKAY, here's the scoop...

Ms. RIGHT is so beautiful. Her smile is awesome and her eyes tinkle! She is also a GREAT kisser! Man, I have been really lucky in the lip-service department. My first three aquaintances have all been great kissers.

Okay, back to Ms. RIGHT. If you're a regular reader, you are already thinking of what I am about to say next...

YES, SHE IS ENGAGED! But, don't be judgemental. Remember, I am still technically married too! I live in a glass house, so I don't throw stones and neither should you.

We met here on AdultFriendFinder during my quest to find Ms. FIRST and hit it off immediately. We became fast friends and managed to have a couple of very intimate, incredibly hot moments together via web cam and phone (read earlier post for the background info).

I am sure we would have hooked up earlier, but we live about 50 miles apart.

Of course, her engagement is still intact, and she deserves the chance for happiness with this guy. AND, he is getting a GREAT (Ms. RIGHT!) woman.

She and I just needed to confirm what we knew in our hearts. Our connection was strong at a distance. In person, it was undeniable.

Besides, you cannot pass up an opportunity like that to share an intimate, passionate moment with someone you really connect with. You don't find someone like that everyday and to let it pass untapped is just WRONG!

So, there.

I asked for something really different, and I surely got it! Ms. RIGHT if you ever read this, know you are very special to me, and you will always live in my heart. May happiness and peace be with you forever.

Time to slow down a little now...

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