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3/29/2006 8:52 pm

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Ms. X2B

A new online friend emailed me and asked what's going on with Ms. X2B during all this?

That's an interesting topic, but I'm not sure I'm fully ready to delve past the surface of it yet. All I can tell you is REALITY begins to set in very quickly.

I really don't blame her for cheating. Although, I wish it wasn't due to an on-going affair. Not good for a man's fragile ego, even if he really doesn't care in the long run. It gave me what I needed, a ticket out, and I'm gone.

Now that I'm out, I wonder how the hell I stayed so long? Was it for me, or for others in my life that I love? I recognize my pride gets in the way when I think what I do matters to others, only to discover it doesn't.

But, revelation comes easily when you truly understand and accept that half the people really don't care about your problems and the other half is glad you have them...wake up!

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