Ms. FIRST n da houz!  

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5/7/2006 5:27 pm

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Ms. FIRST n da houz!

I am nervous as I write this post. Nervous because I am losing control of my emotions, and my resistance is running low. I don't even want to resist any longer...I am falling in love (or at least lust).

I mentioned in earlier posts that I never expected my separation from Ms. X2B to end up here. A quest to meet Ms. FIRST took on a life of its own. I used this real life fantasy to help me cope with my transition to single hood. More of a creative outlet for emotional reconstruction.


That's right. I believe Ms. FIRST is in the house! I have met several women and enjoyed them all. Some have developed into really great friendships, and I will continue to stay in touch with them. Others, have passed through my life unmoved.

Many people search a lifetime to find love and never find it. I believe I'e found the basis for it in a handful of amazing women I have met since starting this quest.

Yes. I am ready to select Ms. FIRST.

I am terminating all efforts on my part to bring additional women into my life or this quest. I am flattered and quite happy with the response, but I have found a very small list of personal favorites that will net my full attention going forward.

I have narrowed my search down to a very small "short" list. Most of whom, readers have been introduced to in this blog.

I will post introductions soon for Ms. TALL and Ms.SCARLET, both exisquite creatures from the RED TRIANGLE coven I mentioned in an earlier post. I will leave the detective work to my faithful blog followers to contemplate, discuss or comment upon at your will.

Now, for what is next?

One Ground Rule: I have decided NOT to have INTERCOURSE (defined for Bill Clinton voters as "penetration" until my divorce is final. Other than that, I will participate in every available side measure I feel comfortable with (up to and including things I have never experienced or considered before).

However, I will not enter another woman until I have properly disposed of Ms. X2B. This is not out of respect for her, but for my children...and ME!

So, keep reading. This is going to get really interesting from here...

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