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4/4/2006 6:05 pm

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This Ms. FIRST business is a hell of a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

With the exception of the few I'm chatting with online, I have nobody on the string. I just haven't seen any opportunity. Weird. As soon as I hit the market, it freezes over! What's that about?

There is Ms. GAW (Girl at Work, see earlier post) who's last day is Wednesday, followed by a goodbye party on Friday. That's still got potential, but it's not likely to materialize soon.

Ms. GAW and I swapped emails promising to keep in touch, but I'm not sure if she's really interested. If I pursue, maybe, on the right night.

Anyway, Ms. Right (earlier post) has left the building. I'm not sure what happened there. We seemed to hit it off and then...nothing. She eventually responded to my email, saying she'd been busy.

I tried to touch base a couple more times this week, but nothing. Oh Well?

I thought I'd lost Ms. Blue (earlier post), but I pulled her back from the brink. She fell for a guy who doesn't appear interested in her. Meanwhile, she put me on full stop until she could see if he likes her!

Of course, I would have nothing of it. You have to stay on the field in order to play! This is a quality lady, I wasn't giving up that easily. And, no, I am not desperate...well, not yet.

She's just confused and doesn't see me as a real possibility because I'm just now starting my divorce. Not a bad assumption, but she just doesn't understand me.

I am very up front emotionally. I fall in love (infatuation) quickly and can be very charming and convincing. Women don't fall that fast because they're in it for the long hall.

They start evaluating the chances of long term success from Hello!

So, who knows? I'm back in, and I'm forcing her to define what kind of relationship she wants to have with me, if any.

She's unsure and afraid. WELL WHO ISN'T?


If you can figure that one out, drop me an email, you might win a prize...

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