Another day another dollar.  

rm_N0bleMarie 50T
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4/10/2006 8:52 pm
Another day another dollar.

Another day another dollar. Just waiting for payday. Looking for fun an feelin' groovy...

Tired didn't get enough sleep last night - or the night before for that matter. I keep feeling myself slip back into the old depression. Tired hate myself, wish that I was 'normal' whatever that means, wish that I could be happy just being myself.

I feel like I'm stupid and ugly.

There was a story a few days back about a trannie who killed herself. She had been a recluse and the only one who ever talked to her was her neighbor who put dog food in/on? her windows. she would only talk to her social worker trough the mail slot. - This happened in england.

I do understand how she feels I suppose.

Just wish something was different.


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