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7/30/2005 10:06 am

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My day today is such a mess of turmoil. I had to go to a funeral yesterday that was my cousin, who was the same age as me. It really got to me. It is so hard to bury someone that is the same age. It is also just about 15 days from the day that my Mom died, 4 years ago. So my life the next few weeks will be topsy-turvy to say the least. Not only with all that going on my best friend moved out of state to New Mexico. So I guess I am feeling kind of lost at the moment.

But on the lighter side of things the new job is going great and at least I have it to take my mind off of the other things for at least a few hours a day.

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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7/30/2005 11:38 am

I lost my husband nearly 3 years ago to a heart attack in our apartment; I was the one who found him. It is always tough facing those times of death; however, what holds us together is the good memories... and that is what you must keep focused upon.

Keep moving forward!!

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