It is suppose to be a joyous time..  

rm_MzRedFox 62F
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12/23/2005 8:32 pm

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6/19/2006 7:02 am

It is suppose to be a joyous time..

It is suppose to be a joyful time of the year but it seems that my family has an awful curse that happens every year at Christmas. We seem to lose a family member. When I was a little girl my Grandfather passed away on Christmas Eve, and it seem like we lose someone between Thanksgiving and Christmas all the time.

Today I lost my Oldest Brother, he was 78. My Mom and Dad are gone but this one hit me hard when you start to lose siblings. It was such a shock we or he didn't know he was sick til Tuesday of this week and by Today, Friday he is gone. I will miss him, but I will remember the good times and the bad times and know that he is in a much better place.

I needed to talk and put my thoughts out here and get it off my chest.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

satnitespecl 59M
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2/9/2006 3:52 pm

Wow Mzred I totally missed this. So sorry to read about your brother and at xmas time too.

bigdaddy71365 51M

1/17/2006 2:09 pm

Mzredfox, I'm so sorry for your loss, I can relate to loseing a loved one this time of year, All you can do is surround your self with the people who love you & take all time you need to greive, I hope things are better for you in 06'.


playtime44uandi 52M
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1/11/2006 6:46 pm

MzRedFox, I was so sorry to hear about your brother. I'm sure thats rough on you. I had to buy a new phone this week. My old one was starting to messup on me. I'll try to call you this weekend.

~We'll Leave The Light On~

slightly_sexy8 38F
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12/23/2005 9:49 pm

this time of year brings up so many memories and expectations which in turn can lead to sadness and disappointment. there are two things that get me through the holiday season and that's going to church on christmas eve which puts many things back into overall perspective for me, and making sure i go out for a very long walk every day.

nothing can or will ever replace your brother. that's what makes them so special. but he sounds lucky. he went quickly, and one of his biggest blessings i'm sure, is that he had you for a sister.

best wishes to you over the holidays.

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