Xmas Ideas on a Budget  

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12/10/2005 9:42 pm

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Xmas Ideas on a Budget

Feeling the pinch financially this Christmas?
Maybe I can help with some ideas for inspiration.

Firstly Christmas Cards;

All Greeting cards are getting bloody expensive these days, and despite the best efforts of the designers, they are never quite right. It always seems to me every time I have chosen a card or helped choose a card that the one you end up with is the best compromise between all the variables of cost, cover and internal comment. A compromise, and we still have to write a message inside, and pay $5 for the privilege. That SUX.
How about you consider what has almost become a family tradition in my family.
Make your own Xmas and Greeting Cards for all occasions. Who says you actually have to buy a card? Make one yourself. Either draw it by hand or make it up using some of the graphics features on your computer.
Example; I made a card for my dads 70th birthday using just a piece of A4 paper and a texta. I drew a birthday cake with candles, and wrote a message, then I wrote on the inside that this was a interactive birthday card and that he was to color in the card himself. Now that card was commented upon by people because both it and my sisters hand drawn cards stood out against the bought cards, and dad had a good laugh at the interactive comment.


This is the part most people dread because we are expected to have a pressie for everyone. Well for starters it has now been a tradition in our family to have a Chris Kringle so you only have to come up with one present for one person, which reduces the headaches considerably and means your present can be a little bigger.

Now the other thing to consider is that you make your own presents. Wait before you start screaming that you don't have time consider the following; How much time and money are you going to have to spend buying presents for people. Do you know how much you are worth per hour? Have you factored in for every dollar you clear per week, the overheads for that dollar like taxes, travel expenses, living expenses? For most people on a reasonable income the overhead is 100%, so if a item will cost you $50 in the shop you have actually had to earn at least $100 to pay for it. Are you suddenly feeling like not spending both time and money getting stuck in the crowds at the shops.

So what can you make? Well the answer depends upon you as an individual and your particular skill sets. Don't just consider the skills you use at work but also your hobby skills and stuff you have learned along the way.
Bake a cake or biscuits to eat when you don't feel like cooking, but are hungry. Just try to make it something that wont occupy fridge space which will be at a premium for the next few weeks.
Make something; A personal calender for a friend, say they are going to do a big renovation next year, then include motivational comments, and instructions for rest days. Include an offer for a dinner in a house that is not being renovated, or a stay in an renovated house while you go away for holidays.
Can you write a story or a poem.

Give a gift certificate, not to buy something, but to pay a bill or to do a chore around their house which they hate to do but that you can do with ease because you have the right tools and equipment. Do you have a skill like giving good massages or can you iron a load of washing in the time it takes a friend to set up the ironing board and iron. Does the person you are giving the gift to require assistance shopping for clothing or organizing their wardrobe. Give them a gift certificate for an hour or two of your time, you are probably going to get roped in to help anyway so you might as well get a credit for it somewhere. Baby sit the kids or dog.

I hope that this post has given you some inspiration to think a little bit outside the square of just having to spend your money at the shops because retailers and general society tell you to. When you do use an idea for a gift then let me know and give me a report on how it went because feedback is fun.

kats60 56F

12/10/2005 10:35 pm

i made 12 quilts last christmas,for grandkids and other relatives, saved a bunch of money,and they got something they can cherish for years, plus keep warm under!...kat

rm_MustangD6644 51M
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12/11/2005 3:22 am

Hi kats; Firstly "You have Grandkids!!!". OK just a little amazed thats all. Excellent Christmas Gifts though, I hope that you put your name and the date on them so that they become family heirlooms, because those sorts of things take a lot of work and should be treasured and handed down. Very lucky relatives you have there kats.
I wonder what you are making this year?

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