The Incident First Anniversary  

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1/13/2006 5:15 am

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The Incident First Anniversary

On this day last year an incident occurred which was to have implications which would affect me for the rest of the year.

It was a bloody hot day, and I had just driven home from working on a kitchen I was installing on the other side of Melbourne. Basically I had been out of the house for 11 hours and driven 200 kilometres as well as having done a days hard physical work. Tired, shitty, dirty and sticky.

I get home and as I walk in the house, I begin to get the feeling someone had been in the house.

I walk into the kitchen and discover a bloody large box left in the middle of the floor, filled with crockery and with clothing thrown on top.

As I walk over to the dining table I notice that a message has been written on the back of an envelope.

Basically for the second time in three days, that red-headed witch of an ex-wife had been in the house to remove items and leave insulting notes.

In a seething state I went outside to call my brother on the Orange mobile he had lent me so I could make timed local calls for a small fee.
This was because we had disconnected the house phone to prevent my ex running up a big bill while I was out of the house and working.

I informed my brother of the latest events and asked him to come down [he lived an hour away] and on the way down to buy some door locks so I could change over the house locks.

I had had enough of this feeling, wondering what I would come home to discover missing or possibly ruined or dead.

Just after I got of the phone to my brother, the witch rang on my mobile. Words were exchanged and unfortunately in my anger I let slip that I was going to change the locks.

Forty minutes later, just as I am beginning to unwind, the witch and her mother turn up. Because it was a hot night I had the front door open, but I could not lock the fly screen door because she had the only key, I rushed out to meet them on the driveway.


The witch comes charging down the driveway using language that would make even a sailor blush, with the witch in law following as fast as she could waddle.

The witch starts pushing me and continues the verbal assault, so I begin fending off her blows and respond in kind verbally while being pushed towards the house. I continue falling back until I am just inside the front door.


I have had enough of their presence in MY HOUSE.

Seizing my opportunity, I grab the witch on the upper arms and rotate her clockwise. As soon as she is facing the driveway, I start shoving the two of them out the doorway and hurriedly shut the door.

I cant lock the door because I had the lock snibbed back due to the door being open to let some air in.

Let me tell you one thing. The witch is as tall as me [5' 10"] and despite her denials she would have to weigh around the same as me at 80 kilos.

Now at the time I was fairly fit and strong from all the lifting and pushing and shoving I would do during the day installing a kitchen.

Well you would not have known it from the way that door was bouncing as I tried to hold it shut while she was kicking and shouldering the door.

Then in a brief moment of opportunity I managed to lock the door.

No rest yet as she is continuing to kick and shoulder the door, so I kept supporting the door.
Good thing I did because I later discovered a 2 foot long split in the jamb, caused by the impacts.

Finally the witch steps back from the door, and while standing on the driveway calling the cops, starts throwing stones at the windows.

The witches walk back towards the street to wait for the cops, while I am standing in the lounge watching them, and beginning to freak out from all the adrenaline pumping through my body.

As dusk falls the witches get into the car to escape the voracious local mosquitoes, and sit waiting in the car.

During this time my brother turns up and drives down the driveway. Take note of this as I will mention it in a future post. I quickly let him in and inform him as to the events as they have transpired.

Finally, ten minutes after my brother arrived, the witches depart, much to my relief.

I then spent the next few hours changing the lock in the front door and strengthening the door jamb.

Once that was done, my brother headed home, with my thanks for having rushed down.

In the morning I would also change the lock on the garage to prevent any of my tools being "Liberated".

Finally at about 1 AM, way past my usual bedtime on a work night, exhausted from the days events.

Little did I know about what lay ahead.

The "fun" was about to begin.


sassybelle21 32F
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1/13/2006 12:34 pm

I wonder why you married that witch

rm_MustangD6644 51M
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1/13/2006 4:14 pm

Hi sassy; yes I have really wondered that myself. I burnt 10 of my most productive and hardworking [Real Hard Work pumping out sweat daily, no going to work for a bludge] years of my life. This was definitely a one-way relationship in terms of input effort.

I am hopefully a lot wiser, and dont intend to repeat the same mistakes.

If the person you are with seems to attract only trouble, piss 'em off before it gets transmitted sexually.

I call them NBT Nothing But Trouble.

That sounds cold and is easier said than done, but you get my drift.


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