The Incident, the Day After  

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1/14/2006 11:57 pm

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The Incident, the Day After

The day after "The Incident", I was off working in a house near home, when my ex rings me up.
Sweet as can be like nothing had occurred the night before, she firstly enquires where in Melbourne I am working that day, and then she arranges with me a time to collect some more stuff from the house. So a time is set for 6 PM Friday night and that is the end of the conversation.

Did you note though, that she was checking up on where I was, the only difference between that call and others I used to get during the day while we were together was that it was the only call and she didn't tell me anything trivial or frivolous that would rattle around in my head all day. I used to get three or four such calls a day, day in day out, but I was to never ring her at work. No a checkout operator is too important to be disturbed while at work even if it is only part time work.
Did you also note that I said she was sweet as on the phone? Talk about blowing hot and cold.

Friday night was going to be very interesting, so stay tuned.


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