Pick a Picture, Which Picture to Pick?  

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10/27/2005 9:52 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Pick a Picture, Which Picture to Pick?

I have noticed a number of things about people and their pictures since beginning my web dating journey.

Yes I am aware of the irony of discussing a topic like this whilst not having a picture of my own up on this site. Well DUH. I'm working on it rest assured so you will get to see my ugly mug and go screaming into the night to tear your eyes out. Only kidding, I'm not really that ugly, I don't break mirrors except when installing them. Pain the the butt job that is, no joke there.

Anyway back to people and their photos. I am amazed at how different some people can look between one photo and the next. I find this to be particularly so with women. A change of clothes, hairstyle, facial expression, body language, background and companions and my impression of that person can change markedly.
I am not just referring to photos on this site in these comments but to all sorts of profile photos you may come across on dating sites on the web.
You see one photo and form an opinion of that person and then you see another either when they rotate them or when you look at their library.
Suddenly your opinion of a person can change, unfortunately most frequently in a negative way. I am not sure why this is, whether it is also to do with frequently viewing a persons profile at the same time. In some ways using a "glamour" photo can really highlight this difference.

The other major problem I have is the quality of a lot of the photos. Some people have obviously never read up on how to take a photo properly and others will not listen to advice. No I am no professional photographer, but having studied media at school all I can say is that it drives me nuts.

My question to you is have you found the same experiences of changing perceptions and poor photo quality when viewing profile photos or am I just overly sensitive to the issues because I like to study a profile photo to learn more about that person?
What say you on the matter?

RailBaron2 54M

10/28/2005 4:51 am

Mornin Mustang,Aside from this sitye, I'm on a couple of others,-
Myspace I have encountered the same. unlike here, I can see a picture first thing,click on it & see a profile usually the women will have 3-6 photos.one I viewed last night the primary photo looked hot,click on read the profile- check out about her-5'-6" average, brown hair, hey she likes pepsi, meatlovers pizza, smokes,divorced, then I go to her pictures &
My Honest reaction was- HOLY SHIIITTT!!! The fisrt photo made this girl look good, but the rest- showed what she looked like on a regular day at home She was fine from the breasts up, but from the waist down she was not average as she described herself,not a "few extra pounds", but to be as nice as possible I would say she had a
2' gauge caboose on a 2 meter gauge truck. (Basicly her measurements would be about 37-26-54 )a COLD turn off.
A lot of women do not seem to understand that we men are First attracted by what we SEE, then we look at personallity.

rm_MustangD6644 51M
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10/28/2005 6:44 pm

Hello RailBaron thanks for stopping by.

I was beginning to get worried that no one would post a comment.

I mean that I had only posted this entry yesterday and in the space of 8 hours had clocked up nearly 100 views , but not a single comment. The previous post has clocked up just over 40 views, I have revealed intimate information suitable only for a site like this and not a single comment. What gives?

The lady you talk about must have had quite a set of hips on her and you are obviously not an ass man. For those of you who dont quite get RailBarons analogy, it is like seeing a 4x4 towing a portable school classroom [an over dimensional load].

I would also like to reassure you ladies that RailBaron is no superficial player , but a true gentleman, so the lady in question must have truely shocked him with her photos.

Thankyou once again RailBaron for your humourous comment.

Lined for the Main, HighBall Mate.

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