No Sex  

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4/26/2006 4:21 pm

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No Sex

No Sex. The third option or state of being as an adult for various reasons. Yeah we all like to make out like we are "Getting Our Share", and don't like to admit to having time out periods.
However some time for reflection is beneficial to a persons growth as a mature adult.

As per usual please be honest and truthful in your answers as opposed to being politically correct, and feel free to provide any additional suggestions, comments or feedback.

No Sex is when I cant find a partner who turns me on and I would rather self serve than have a bad experience.
No Sex is because I had a bad experience and I have lost confidence.
No Sex is when I am feeling off-colour and unsexy. I cant be bothered masturbating
No sex is when I have completely given up on Sex. I'm Celibate, and might join a church order and take a vow.

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