Long Tan  

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8/17/2006 4:54 pm
Long Tan

Today marks the 40th Anniversary of the battle of Long Tan when Australian Forces with New Zealand and U.S. support inflicted a major defeat on Viet Cong and N.V.A. forces after a pitched battle.

A Company of 108 diggers out on patrol around their base area encountered substantial enemy forces believed to have numbered 2500, who were assembling for a later attack on the base.

It is also the day chosen by Aussie Viet Nam Veterans as their day of remembrance and political activity.

Just last night in Federal Parliament, The Prime Minister, John Howard publicly appologised to the Veterans for the shabby way they were treated upon their return and in the years that followed.

Even the RSL shunned them for many years, because it wasnt a "real war".

Pigs Arse it wasnt a real war, it just wasnt a global war like during WW1 and more so during WW11, which was a truely global war.

I would like for you to Google Long Tan and learn a brief lesson about the battle. There are many lessons to be learnt.


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