Father's Day SUCKS Fathers Without Access Have Rights Too  

rm_MustangD6644 51M
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9/3/2006 4:16 pm

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9/4/2006 4:20 am

Father's Day SUCKS Fathers Without Access Have Rights Too

I have to say that being a father and not being able to see my boy really SUCKS big time.

I got very very down and seriously depressed around lunchtime yesterday that I jumped into bed and had a sleep.

That helped a bit and then going and seeing my Mum and Dad round at my brother's place helped.

It was actually the walk with the dogs after a somewhat filling and diet naughty arvo tea that really helped to clear my head.

I would like to also at this point make it clear that father's who are non custodial do have rights and so do the children to see their father's.

In one of the perverse ways of the world it seems that the father's with access often dont appreciate it and dont make the most of the opportunity to see and to be a part of their childrens lives and those who wish to be a part of their childrens lives are denied access.

That's supply and demand for you, and the way the courts have favoured the mothers to the point of discriminating against fathers.

I have to pay maintenance but it in no way is affected by access, which constitutes an unfair contract under law. I have to pay irrespective of whether or not I can see my boy.

I am a right minded, fair minded, reasonable man as the law requires, and for my troubles I am being discriminated against by the mother of my child because she and her family wish to deny me access to my son, and are using the law [State and Federal] to their advantage.

Things are going to change or I will be forced to utilize my industrial relations experiences gained from the pre and post BLF days [Builders Labourers Federation] and Army Reserve experience to conduct a concerted campaign of civil and political disobedience and agitation in order that my rights and the rights of my son are defended.

This "Nice Guy" has had enough.

The "Line in the Sand" has been drawn and repeatedly crossed over, now Im fighting back.

You are either with me or agin me.


imsohorny19822 34F
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9/3/2006 9:19 pm

Good for you Mustang. I like to see a person stick up for their rights.

If you want to see your boy, then YOU fight for it. I really admire people that do.

Sorry your father's day wasn't so great.


rm_jewls3 52F
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9/3/2006 11:09 pm

i do really feel 4 u mustang, it is really so hard not being able 2 have contact with ur son.
u hang in there


rm_MustangD6644 51M
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9/4/2006 4:20 am

Thanks Ally and Juls. I felt better after writing the post and also looking up some Father's Rights Groups. There are a lot of blokes in the same boat, and its the kids who really suffer from lack of contact and male role model.


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