Emotional Black Holes  

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Emotional Black Holes

Emotional Black Holes or EBH is a term I have coined to describe some of the people you come across in everyday life. The behavior of these sort of people in the way that they contribute nothing positive to a situation or a relationship, is exactly the sort of behavior that scientists attribute to Black Holes in Space.

A Black Hole in Space for those of you who don't watch documentaries, is an object in Space that you cannot see but which due to its tremendous gravitational pull, can draw in everything, including Light, that comes within its gravitational field.

Objects are drawn in and crushed by the extreme gravity and destroyed forever. Visualize if you will a kind of large vacuum cleaner sucking up the contents of a packet of lollies you have spilled on the floor. Gone. Lost forever.

This is exactly how EBH type people have an effect upon others. They suck up all the positive energy, feelings, and enthusiasm in any given situation and destroy it for their own self satisfaction.

They can have such a detrimental effect upon a social gathering, a team, a work group, or a relationship that there can often be very little worth salvaging if the problem is not terminated rapidly.

I am not going to examine their motivations, but what I am going to say to you is: learn to recognize these EBH types and take appropriate evasive or rectification action depending upon the circumstances.

Have you encountered any Emotional Black Holes recently, and what did you do about them?

Take Care and Good Luck.


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