Easter Egg Update  

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5/3/2006 6:30 pm
Easter Egg Update

I wrote in the lead up to Easter about how one of the supermarkets was selling a 1 kilo Easter egg for $26, when you could buy a block of chocolate for $13.

Well yesterday, I was at a discount store and I bought a 1 kilo bag of little Easter eggs for $3.49.

Now I will admit that it was not the same 'brand' of chocolate as the 1 kilo egg, but it was still Aussie made chocolate. Not quite like comparing oranges with oranges, more like oranges with mandarins, if you know what I mean.

Still, it just goes to show the supply and demand market forces at work, and the silliness of people and retailing.

Are we really the smartest species on this planet when we are prepared to pay such different prices for something?

Or are we just smart enough to fool ourselves into thinking that we are the smartest??


The problem with these little eggs is that you can never eat just one.

Oh choccy tummy ache again.

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