EXTREMECLASS !!! Is That So. A New Blog To Checkout  

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1/22/2006 3:53 pm

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EXTREMECLASS !!! Is That So. A New Blog To Checkout

Yesterday while checking out Here2B and her Gangbang blog, I came across a comment by EXTREMECLASS, another New Blogger.

I would like for you readers to checkout her blog, as she is checking us out as part of her research for a radio program and a book on Male and Female Sexual Behaviour.

I will let you form your own opinion about your reaction to being a Love Laboratory Lab Rat, but I for one am less than impressed with her attitude.

In my opinion EXTREMECLASS is anything but classy in her behaviour, particularly as she is supposedly a mature female of 45.

Someone of class wishing to do research on a subject as sensitive as sex should not be doing the following;

1. Proclaiming herself to have to much class for this site. Talk about alienating her research subjects. I would have expected a researcher to play the part of everyone's friend while collecting information and forming opinions.

2. I would have thought that someone with a media focus would have a better grasp of the English Language, particularly grammar, spelling and punctuation. Note the use of CAPS LOCK.

3. Expressing her opinions in an aggresive almost hostile manner. Taht is not the behaviour of a researcher, but rather a "commentator" intent on fanning the flames of controversy. A researcher should be asking either open or closed questions and then recording the responses.

These are just my observations, and my humble opinions.

However she has triggered enough alarm bells for this Forward Scout of The Blogland Nice People's Army to be VERY VERY WARY of her and her motives.

If indeed she is who she says she is. Given the recent goings on in Blogland, if someone trips my alarm bells they are suspect until proven friendly.

In the end you have to make your own assesment, and I am trying not to colour your prior opinion.

Make your own judgement call.


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