Divorce; Mustang Floored by Post  

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4/29/2006 4:10 am

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Divorce; Mustang Floored by Post

I wrote a post about a week ago about how my divorce was now "Official" and I received some very heartfelt replies and advice. I would like to thank those people who read my post and also thank those of you who posted those replies.

However, today I received a post from a new member of Blogland, KaliforYadreamin, and this reply floored me. Gob smacked. Absolutely Amazed.

It is more a work of art than a mere post, and as such my first rational thought was that everyone should have the opportunity to read it.

This was only Kali's 5th post, and if this guy starts his own blog, then I for one had better be prepared to be overtaken.

Serious though. Kali, I would just like to say Thank You for the post.


Here it is in its entirety;

Whoa Mustang . Mate How is that response from willgivsex4U. If it came from a guy U would say well whadda U expect. But from a girl U gotta luv It. Kinda has a compelling truth about it though.

Clearly U are still hurting heaps & JoLees too.I despair on days like this also, but I find...................

Life's a bit like being in a speed boat.

Imagine U R there, watching the wake roll along, the roar of the motor the wind in your hair.

U shift from foot to foot as U ride out the Bumps.

That wake is massive in close at the back of the boat, where U are.

Just like when your craft passes close to another speeding Boat, Your passage becomes rough & uncomfortable as U R tossed & buffeted

further out the wake rolls around other boats & clashes with the wake of other craft too.

But as U speed along the wake rolls across the water, & in the far distance where the wake has subsided, the water appears untouched by the passage of your powering boat.

It is only a short while since U were standing there as the boat powered across that distant expanse of water & now its completely flat.

Its as if U weren't there at all now the wake has gone. Often we don't even realise this until our boat has slowed to a crawl, too caught up in hanging on Thu the rough ride.

The rough ride is over,

Now Turn around take a good look out the front that boat. U have the whole horizon before You.

Plot a course, any course as long as its Your Course.

We will even pick up some great friends along the way, I think U know who they are already.

Looking out the front of that boat Helps Us to recognise that its a great day & all our best times are right there before us.

We just have to choose our destination, set the direction and crank up that massive Mustang Motor.

There is too much Gas still in the tank to waste another good Day.

Now hit the throttle, no need to look back. Its all about what you want & where U want to go.

Good Boating


Kali the only hurting I am doing is missing my 18 month old, Little Mustang, who I haven't seen for 15 months.

Thanks for the thought though.

Now Dear Bloggers; Was I right about this post or what?


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