"I Suppose You Want To Me?"  

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8/4/2006 4:21 pm

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"I Suppose You Want To Me?"

Yesterday I was reading in passions blog about an incident he witnessed at a McDonald's Restaurant otherwise referred to here in Australia as Maccas.
This reminded me of a similar event which involved me and I thought you might like to hear about it and offer your thoughts.

It was a Saturday morning and I was on my way to install a wardrobe in a clients house, and I decided to grab a sausage and egg McMuffin for morning tea [9 AM] because it was cold and I had a busy day ahead.

I walk in to Maccas to use the toilet and wash my hands and then make my way to the counter. I was wearing my overalls and work windcheater with the company name front and back so I was mindful of being on my best behaviour in public.

Standing at the counter was this old lady, and boy was she making a scene. She was standing at the counter yelling "I DEMAND SERVICE" while banging her foam coffee cup up and down on the counter. The poor young girl working behind the counter was attempting to fill her cup but its a bit hard when its being banged around. Having worked previously in retail, I could relate to the young girl and felt sorry for her having to deal with such a problem client/customer.

I was just wondering if I should intervene and say something when the old lady caught sight of me out of the corner of her eye. She turned to me and yelled at the top of her shrew like voice


I was absolutely gobsmacked, speechless and totally blown away. What the hell do you say in reply to something like that, especially when wearing corporate clothing.

Dont get me wrong, I can swear with the best of 'em and I have had to learn to make cutting remarks in reply to smart arses, but this had me floored. I did think of a few things to say but couldn't verbalise them. I don't really remember much of what happened after that, but I haven't forgotten the event.

My question to you is; If you found yourself in a similar situation on either side of the counter what would you say?

Would you be polite or give the person a spray?


rm_MustangD6644 51M
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8/6/2006 1:48 am

I sort of thought of something similar at the time Jim but I was so shocked I couldnt get the words out. Waste of a good ten foot pole though and they are hard to find.

I think you maybe right about the coffee, so maybe that explains some of her behaviour, crazy old shrew.

Sorry Folks about the double posting of this post. DOH


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