The happiest days .....  

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10/4/2005 12:15 am

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The happiest days .....

I see a few people have stopped by and read a little so I thought I might as well ramble a little more. I do this late at night when I should sleep. I’m really not sure why. In the last posting I mention the love of my life. If you are interested, her name was Meg. She called me today just to say hello. I’ve not seen her in many years but I’m glad to say we’ve stayed in touch and are still friends. I remember when I met her. I found her purse and returned it. She was 18. I was 19. We we’re in college. She was a dance major. Tall with long blond hair, bright beautiful blue eyes, a smile that lit up the world, and legs that stretched up to heaven.
I think of her and I still smile. It was great to hear her voice today. Even after all these years I hear the bells in her voice and I see that beautiful young lady. We lived together for two years. I would come home from class and she would run out the front door and leap into my arms. I swear she would seem to wrap herself totally around my body. Her mouth would land on mine and I was lost.
My daughter is 18 and in college now. If I found her with a guy like I was at 19, I’d kill him.
I felt like that a lot around her. She filled my eyes constantly and her voice, and her laughter… I do tend to go on about this girl.
I was too young to know how rare a thing I had found. I don’t think I ever felt so in love again. I hadn’t found myself as yet and the future was an amazingly blank slate. I had vague thoughts of adventure and travel but I’m putting it mildly with I say I didn’t have a clue as to the path I was to take.
She tells me now what a mistake it was that we went our separate ways. I’ve got to admit she dumped me. She broke my heart. Really, I pined for this woman for years. In many ways I still do. The happiest days of my life.

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