Seducing the new neighbors.  

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8/6/2005 3:15 am

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Seducing the new neighbors.

Going to take you back a few weeks to when it all began just before we left on vacation and slowly bring you up to date. When our old (and I mean OLD) neighbors put their home up for sale we were very happy campers. In their 80's and very unsociable the only contact I can now remember was the old fart peeping through the fence to see us and our friends out nude in the back yard or in the pool & hot tub and when I noticed him I would always say "Hi!" and wave then we could hear him slowly moving away from the fence. lol

We noticed them moving out but we were not sure we were getting new neighbors until the moving van arrived in a couple days. Living in Florida, although the odds are getting better they are still in favor of older neighbors. I didn't get a chance to see the new people and my curiosity was too high to wait so I put some clothes on (we're always naked around the house and back yard) to go welcome them to the neighborhood and get a good close look. Yes I did ware something a little revealing and as usual no bra or panties, after all you only get one shot at first impression and I wanted them to know that basically I'm a horny little slut. lol The only one there was a gal in her mid to late 40's but very well maintained and attractive and my first thoughts were I hope this wasn't a daughter helping her elderly parents move in. Thank God it wasn't! Her name is Margaret but she likes Maggie better. I had brought a nice bottle of white wine and she took a break from unpacking to visit a little and offered to pour us a glass and I told her I actually preferred mine cold but for her to please have some herself and she asked if I would like a cold beer which I luv so I said yes please and she put the wine away and had a cold one with me. She drinks my brand Miller Light! (I knew I was going to like this gal lol)

As we chatted I couldn't help but notice her very sexy body and big tits and I know she caught me staring more than a few times. I asked if she minded if I had a cigarette and she said no not at all and she was trying to quit however now wasn't the time with the moving on her nerves and as she really enjoyed a cigarette while drinking but she was out and needed to borrow one of mine. I opened the flip top box and offered and then I lit it for her and she cupped my hand as I held the lighter for her ... my pussy went instant wet! lol I got one out and she took the lighter from me and lit mine and I looked deep in her eyes as I cupped her hand in both of mine, her eyes smiled and I was soaking wet now. Was I reading the signals correctly? Could this be the neighbor I've always dreamed of? I wanted to kiss her so bad right then it was everything I could do to stop myself.

We chatted more and I learned her hubby was some big wheel exec almost constantly out of town on business and she had a daughter just starting college that was taking some summer courses to get a jump start and only came home on weekends AND that she was lonely and grateful for the company. I thought to myself shit this must be my dream coming true! Now all I needed to do was test the waters and see if I thought she would be receptive to some bi-sexual fun. By this time we had had a few more beers and had made it a ritual lighting each others cigarettes the same sexy way so I started dropping hints and became more touchy feely with her and she didn't seem to mind. I went ahead and told her we were nudist and were always naked around the house or out back and told her about the previous owner and how we knew he was peeping. She said she had never been to a nudist resort or naked with other people but it always intrigued her and has wanted to try it but her hubby wanted nothing to do with it so I invited her to join us anytime around the house or pool and we would be happy to bring her to a resort with us when we went the next time and of course we would never let her hubby know if she preferred it that way. All she said was she'll think about it, you know, the way someone always does when what they really mean is it's not going to happen.

Naturally I was discouraged but kept the ball rolling and told her we do have guest, mostly women, come to visit and party but we always try to keep the noise down however if she was ever bothered by it in the least to please call me and let me know and I would get it back under control as I really liked her and wouldn't want to have something like that come between what I think was going to be a great friendship and I wanted her to feel completely free to talk about anything at any time with me. Then Maggie said she should probably get back to unpacking and I offered to help but she declined and I was nearly heart broken. Had I blown it? Did I go too far too fast and scare her off? Shit I felt bad. There were only 2 cigarettes left but I told her I would leave them with her and I'd be happy to go get her one of my other packs so she wouldn't have to go out to the store. She accepted the two left but declined a new pack. I told her if she changed her mind to just pop over and ring the doorbell. I invited her to dinner with us and told her we would have our clothes on so she wouldn't have to worry about that and she could meet Charley and we could all just enjoy each others company instead of her being all alone and again she said I'll think about it but this time added I'll call you. So I left, disappointed thinking I had really blown it, got home got naked and got another beer to drown my sorrows.

DING DONG went the door bell about an hour later and I looked through the peep hole and it was Maggie! I was just holding my beach towel in front of me but was so excited to see her I flung open the door and she was all smiles with a terry beach jacket on and holding a towel with a small cooler at her feet. I went up to her and gave her a big hug and told her I was so afraid I had scared her off and I was really hoping to get to be friends with her. She hugged me back and kissed my cheek and there I was again with instant wet pussy! She said she just had wanted some quiet time to think it over before doing something without her hubbies knowledge and then flung open her terry beach jacket wide to reveal her sexy naked body saying "TA DAAAA!" Now I was a goner I had nothing but seduction on my mind because just like in my dream of the perfect neighbor she had real sexy long nipples on those big tits a beautiful hairy muff. My pussy was getting so wet I was afraid she would see it dripping down my legs, damn I was hot for her!

To be continued ....

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