"Back to the motel room"  

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7/25/2005 12:38 pm

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"Back to the motel room"

hehehe ... Guess you can tell I'm new to the blog thing, I thought I just wrote my first blog, didn't realise it was supposed to be a simple introduction. lol

They are still sleeping so guess I can tell you about what's going on now. Like I said, we met her (the gal in bed with Charley) through a different site that is also a large site but it is more geographically orented showing swingers in your general area based on your zip code. I put ads in the different areas we were going to visit on this trip hoping to hook up with some folks for some erotic sexy fun. We hooked up with them (yes she is married) through this site and were hot for each other from the start. She is a smoker and does have a nice patch of fun fur on her pussy but not full like mine. We just arrived yesterday and got togerher for a late lunch to see if we were still all on the same page and obviously we were! lol

The four of us came back here to our room and enjoyed a full afternoon of no holds barred sex. Even though it was hard to leave all the fun and go out to dinner and to do a little dancing we got dressed and left. After dinner and upon arriving at the dance club her and I could hardly keep our hands off each other and knew we weren't interested in anything but getting back into bed so we left and returned here and had another couple rounds of even better sex. When it was time for them to leave she shocked everyone by saying she wanted to spend the night with us. Actually it's not as bad as it sounds as they had both tried to get today (Monday) off from work so we could play all night but only she was able too. They had talked it over and he was OK with her being with us alone on Monday untill he got off work but they had planned to go home together Sunday night. So after the initial shock wore off he ended up being OK with the fact that she wanted to stay the night while he went home for some sleep and to be ready for work today. Really a nice guy, not many guys are selfless enough to be understanding like that and allow their wives to experience her own pleasures without being present.

Soon after he left she confessed she was so hot she just couldn't stop. In the e-mails and chat we had prior to getting together her and I had talked often of anal sex and how much she craved it but he just wasn't into it at all and although her and I already knew this was her major reason for getting him to agree to let het be with us alone today her hubby was unaware this was her major motivation as he might not have agreed. So I asked her if she wanted to get into it right then and she said I can't fuckin' wait! lol So we started with some sexy anal play (tongue, fingers, toys, etc.) on each other untill she was more than ready and begging to try it the way I had described my favorite way to cum with anal sex to her before in our chats and e-mails.

I layed on my back with my head at the edge of the bed and she got over me in a very sexy 69 putting her knees on the edge of the bed also and spreading them just enough to lower pussy into my face without putting much pressure on my face. Then Charley stood behind her on the floor at the edge of the bed and lubed her ass and his cock while her and I were enjoying each others pussies. She came she was so excited just from his lube ass play and her cum was so sweet in my mouth. He started to ease it in and as soon as that big head on his beautiful circumsized cock popped in passed that tight ring she moaned and came again and began going crazy on my pussy with licking action I haven't felt in a while and I was soon moaning in pleasure also. Charley was taking his time slowly pumping and working a little deeper with every stroke and she just couldn't take it and said "Damn Charley stop teasing me and fuck my ass, bang me hard I'm going to cum again and I want it all and when I cum I want to feel you shoot your hot load as deep as you can get it". The three of us were like animals fucking and licking wildly I was so turned on by her being so hot and wild I came hard and my pussy gushed in her face as I twitched with spasams and locked my legs around her head and she kept on giving me multi orgasms which pleased her very much and she started cumming and cumming over and over then I heard Charley moan and I knew he was about to give her that hot load she had wanted with perfect timing. When he did she exploded and squirted all over me standing on her knees laying back on Charley's chest in an upright position squirting me from my mouth to my pussy with his cock still burried deep in her ass. Damn we all came so good it was absolutely beautiful. There was a pause and silence as we all caught our breath savoring that awesome sex and she finaly broke the silence saying "Now that's what I'm talkin' about!" and we all busted out laughing.

We put all the pillows from both beds and the extras from the closet against the headboard and leaned back cuddling and really enjoying that after cum cigarette together. Then it was my turn to be in the middle and we repeated it all with me having a tiny squirt at the end also.

Well they are beginning to stir a little so I know they will be waking up soon and we all agreed last night we were going to have room service bring breakfast and just play all day long. So hope you enjoyed and hope you stop by again.

xoxo Sunny

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7/25/2005 2:48 pm

Wow, yikes, oh my God! Holy moley! yahoo!

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8/6/2005 3:37 pm

Well, it certainly looks like you've got the right idea! We really enjoyed your blog - made us so hot we had to fuck right then, before we could make a comment!

We are two (2) people who are (new) to the lifestyle, however, we are not new to Las Vegas.

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8/9/2005 12:28 pm

HOT VERY HOT !!!!!!!!!!!

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8/30/2005 3:00 am

MMMM! I want to put my face in that hairy pussy of yours for hours and hours, sticking my tongue deep into your pussy over and over. Your blog has made me so hot! I was jacking off for an hour reading other blogs, and then I got to yours and blew my load immediately just fantasizing about you in these situations! Wish you were close! BTW, there is a new group that you might be interested in - "Hair fetish in Utah". I'd love to chat with ya!

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