Two Virgins Part 3  

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Two Virgins Part 3

The true story from my youth continues

Part 3 Two Virgins: a true story

Oh my, is she going to take that off now? God I hope so. As my heart pounded, I noticed that little drops of sweat had been forming in my pits and they were now running down my sides. My chest was wet with perspiration. I looked at hers and she was glistening with sexual sweat too.

I watched spellbound as Molly’s fingers slipped into the waistband and edged the suit down over her hips and rump, leaving her ass just barely covered. At her front, the top of the suit was well below her navel. She continued to seductively push it down. At any second her pubis would be showing!

She smiled at me and then looked teasingly over to Alan in the corner. Molly provocatively wiggled her sweet bare ass at him.

He blushed and asked ‘do you want me to leave?’

‘No, stay if you like, I think it’s fun to have you watching us!’

Alan responded ‘I like being here with you two, you know, watching both of you, so hot together. I want to say right here Molly.’

‘Okay. Now, boys, let’s continue with my plan for the afternoon. Before I take my bottom completely off, I want to let you know that there was a reason why I sought you out today. Why I specifically invited you to come over. I did not only want to play stripping games or to make-out.’

She left us hanging on her words, as she resumed her slow striptease for us. She started swinging her hips causing her breasts to sway back and forth. Molly bent forward and backward, bending at her waist. Leaning back, her breasts flattening-out against her chest wall, then, they would grow long and conical as she leaned forward. Her breasts are so beautiful and sexy.

She rose back up and spun around with her breasts bouncing up and down with each step. Around and around she went smiling and laughing. Her ass flashed by, quickly she revealed a little tuff of hair showing above her jewel, round and round she danced. It was fabulous watching her. I wanted to see her take that suit off so bad.

My mouth felt real dry and I had trouble swallowing. I glanced to my Alan; he sat there with his mouth open, watching her sexy dance. We both knew that we were going to see her totally naked soon, real soon.

Suddenly she stopped twirling. Molly bent-over at the waist and with one smooth graceful motion she peeled off her suit, until it came to rest on her knees. We got a very quick snapshot view of private region, before she continued her movement bringing her torso down to her knees. Molly’s brought her legs together tightly, and lowered herself to rest with one knee on the floor. She was covering herself up completely using her arms and legs to shield herself from our salacious prying eyes. Molly stayed in that position. She looked so graceful and feminine in her nude pose for us. And she was teasing us, because we could not see anything that we had waited so long to see!

She cocked her head coyly, smiled and asked, ‘Are you boys ready to see all of me?’

She came back up, slightly elongating her body as she proceeded, turning in such a way, that we had a side view of her. In a delicate and graceful way she moved her arm, to allow us to see one of her breasts hanging down fully. She lifted her head to me, submissively, and smiled sweetly.

Molly turned again, with gravity pulling down on her breasts and nipples; they appeared larger and fuller in cone shaped pertness of beauty. She had slight short blonde hair on her back that shone in the light that played across her naked body. God she looked sexy!

‘Like that view of me, boys?’ she teased.

Molly let the suit drop to the floor, as she stood back up fully. With another small turn, she revealed herself to us, naked. We could now see all of her.

I about fainted. What a wonderful, beautiful sight for my eyes! Molly’s legs, body, breasts, naked arms, and all of her body, looked so beautiful. Her tan lines showed how pure white her skin was from her Nordic blonde complexion.

She looked fantastic! Her completive–swimming workouts had athletically toned the muscles of her legs, arms and shoulders. Her physique showed off a figure that was trim, firm and powerful.

Molly parted her legs slightly, revealing more of her little patch of pubic hair between her lovely thighs. Her pubis hair was golden blonde. It was so light and fine that her sex stood out clearly under the short curled strands.

None of the photos I had ever seen showed what a woman looked like there, under her hair. I had been dying to see it and now I had my first glimpse of the female sex glans. I strained to see more of what lay yet hidden.

She knew I was transfixed looking at her there. She turned a bit more into the light for me, consciously moving her legs apart slightly, in slow revealing steps. Molly smiled seductively, knowing full well that I could now she her secret spot!

Oh yes, I could see her feminine opening, with a fine line dividing her little outer lips. Molly had just a hint of skin protruding out of her little doors of Venus.

‘Oh, Molly… thank you for being so willing to share yourself, to let me, see what a woman looks like. You are delightful, so sweet and innocent, so pretty and demurely feminine. My eyes are feasting upon your loveliness.’

‘You are welcome. And I thank you, for being so patient, gentle, and sweet with me, as I explore my womanhood with you, both.’

No kinder words of welcome have ever been expressed. She was amazing. I was fascinated and delighted. And, I was very, very excited. I looked down at my cock, to now see the clear fluid leaking out in a long thin strand all the way down to one of my balls.

She asked me ‘Do you really like the way I look… down there?’

‘Are you kidding. I just said how beautiful you are. Oh, yes Molly, I like to look at you very much. I love the way you look! And you look so amazing to me! I would like to come closer to see you better. May I?’

‘Perhaps’ she said, looking right at my long pole. ‘I love to see you sitting there with your great big erection. And, you are still leaking my dear!’ We both laughed.

I added, ‘Molly you are a fabulous treat, seeing you standing there nude in bedroom. Wow. Plus, seeing you, a naked woman, live, rather than me seeing a naked woman in a photo, is another first for me. I can feel more and more blood being pumped into my erection, it that is possible. I feels like I might explode!’

‘My, that sounds serious…’

I was so hard that it hurt. Unconsciously, I reached for my bone and gave myself a couple of strokes, to perhaps relieve the pressure and lessen my pleasurable discomfort.

She said in a serious tone, ‘I would like to do that, again, until you climax. May I jack you off?’

I blushed again and I nodded, yes to her. Quickly, Molly walked over to the bed, with her breasts bouncing slightly and swaying back and forth. She got on the foot of the bed and crawled on her hands and knees up beside me. Her breasts grew long again and swung back and forth as she moved on the bed. She sat cross-legged next to me. I dared glance at her openly spread labia hoping to see her clitoris or vaginal opening.

She looked down at me with her big blue eyes and said softly ‘Yes, I am a virgin, and the reason I asked you to come to my house after the swim meet is because I am a virgin! I would like to have you here, inside of me,’ she said looking down to her sex. ‘I don’t want to be a virgin any longer. I want your help, in helping me to become a woman, this afternoon.’

My heart about pounded out of my chest. I was so excited that I my hands began to tremble. Could it be true, just like that, I was going to have intercourse with a girl. My cherry would finally be popped. And so would Molly’s!

I leaned up to her and kissed her softly on her lips. She returned my kiss, pulling me closer into her arms and then while holding my head with her hands, Molly slowly pushed her tongue into my mouth.

I sucked on her tongue, sliding back and forth on it. She French’ed me back, deeply. Our tongues entwined, with our hands exploring and our breaths rapidly filling the room with the sounds of passion from our innocent state of first time arousal.

‘Kiss and suck my nipples’ she requested.

I felt her hand on my penis, warm and strongly gripping me, pushing up and down. I sucked on one of her puffy nips. It was her turn to moan lustfully.

‘Oh, that feels so good. It tingles my clit. Keep sucking… Now the other one, make it harder too.’

She continued to pump on my hard-on, until the dry friction started to hurt a little.

‘Careful with that, that kind of hurts’ I warned.

She immediately let go, ‘I’m so sorry!’

I quickly added ‘oh, don’t do that. I want you to hold rub me; it was just a little to strong without something on your hand to help it slide. Do you have any lubricant like K-Y jelly or Vaseline?’

‘My mom does, don’t move, I know just where it is and I will be right back!’

She bounded off of the bed and ran from the room. I watched her sweet round ass cheeks change shape as her strong athletic muscles flexed under naked skin.

She is so lovely and I am so lucky… I am going to have sex with her! Soon.

In a few seconds she came back into the room, her breast bouncing freely as she clamored onto the bed holding a white tube.

‘Here is the K-Y! She exclaimed. ‘Now I can really rub your erection.’ Her voice became quiet, and she asked in almost a whisper that only I could hear, ‘You do want me to do that, don’t you?’

‘Oh, yes I want you to do that. I want to do everything with you. However, I think I may come at any second because I’m so excited.’

‘If you do, can you get hard again, and still enter me, you know so that we can have intercourse?’

‘Yes, I can get an erection again real quick. I can do that with just me masturbating while I look at pictures. With a beautiful girl like you I am sure I can do it!’ I kidded.

She laughed and while she opened the tube and squeezed out a glob onto her palm she said ‘so you have been beating-off to pictures of naked women? How long have you been doing that?’

‘Well, for about three or four years.’

‘Years? You must be a very horny boy! I hope you enjoy me more than the do it by yourself!’ she teased.

Then she surrounded my cock with her lubed hand. It felt wonderful. In earnest way, Molly used a corkscrew motion to surround me fully, to get me wet and slippery. She came closer to it, on her knees, and brought her face close to my throbbing erection, looking very intense and serious.

‘Okay, my girlfriend told me just a little bit about how she had jacked-off her boyfriend. I’m not so sure what to do. I have never done it, let me know if I am doing it right.’

‘Doing what you are doing, right now, feels incredible! Keep moving your hand on it just like you did putting on the KY. The corkscrew motion felt great.’

‘I want to suck it, sometime,’ she exclaimed.

My head swirled with that idea. Then she started to bring her fist surrounding me, quickly moving up and down my shaft in firm steady strokes. Each time she comes over my gland-head, I feel a bolt of electricity shoot from there, down my cock, and deep into my groin. I about jumped off the mattress in wild spasms when she would slip off the top and slides back down me, again and again.

She was on a down stroke and back up again, when she stopped and asked, ‘Are you okay? Your whole body keeps jumping!’

‘Oh, yes, I am okay Molly. It feels so different with your hand on me rather than mine. It is much more intense. I think I will be coming soon, keep doing it just like you are…’

She cut off my next word, by beating me off with little short up and down strokes, tightly enclosing my ultra sensitive penis-head! I gasped for breath, panting. She lengthened her travel over my cock, stroked and stroked me with a hard grip. I could feel my climax quickly coming.

‘I’m about to come!’

She gave me a two more pumping cycles, surrounding my raging hard-on with both hands. She was gripping me so firmly that I thought I could not take the pressure she was putting on me, until I suddenly came.

A huge shot erupted, sending out a long stream of white sperm straight up into the air over us, about three or four feet in height. Quickly, another shot went off. This one was headed right at her. A big glob landed on her left shoulder and with its trailing end crossing her breast. The third blast came out and about hit me in the eye! I came and came and came a steady flow of semen oozed slowly but steadily out of my cock flowing over her hand and onto my balls, thighs and pubic hair. I was jerking spasmodically and uncontrollably in great shudders of my entire body. Finally, I stopped ejaculating. She held onto my hard-on until the discharge stopped.

She broke the silence by asking ‘Can I kiss it?’

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