Two Virgins Part 2  

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Two Virgins Part 2

Story continues... remember its true!

Part 2
Two Virgins: A true story

Standing awkwardly with my shorts off, Molly instructed me ‘I want you to slide the straps of my top off of my shoulders.’

She stepped closer, dipped her right shoulder toward me. ‘Start with this one.’

I eagerly reached out to her, placing my palm atop her right strap, feeling the surrounding skin, which was soft and smooth. My hand lay motionless upon her. Her body felt very warm. My breathing quickened.

‘Come on, come on, don’t take forever!’ she said in a playful tone.

My little figure hooked under the narrow band and slowly slid it down and off. Teasingly, Molly slowly turned her torso and dipped the other shoulder, inviting me to continue the process of disrobing her.

Gaining in my boldness, I reached for the other strap and touched her skin once again. I moved my fingers and hand in slow deliberate exploratory strokes around her shoulder and neck, feeling her. She shuddered, goose bumps rose on the skin of her arms. I removed the strap by gently lifting it up high off her shoulder and down her long graceful upper arm.

I glanced down, to see that my cock stood fully erect. It twitched, causing it to jump up and down. Molly had followed my eyes down to the hard member and smiled at me warmly. Involuntarily, her tongue parted her lips slightly. That slight gesture was so very sexy.

I took a step back to look at her. Molly looked so sexy standing there with bare shoulders. Without straps, the suit top was no longer supported, so it came down her front showing quite a lot of her lovely cleavage. I watched her breasts rise and fall with quickening breaths. I took another step back to admire her further.

I said, ‘Molly, you are truly a beautiful and sexy woman.’

She smiled back at me sweetly. She stood there, not moving an inch, allowing me to look at her carefully and slowly. I wondered if she knew that I was completely enraptured with her boldness of her proposal and willingness to take action in carry it out, and of course, of her beauty.

Gracefully, she turned around until I faced her backside. Glancing over her naked shoulder she asked me ‘Will you unhook my top for me?’

I approached her with nervous fingers. I started fumbling with the closure. My inexperience showed that I did not know exactly how to get it unhooked. I tried and tried to get it open. After these awkward attempts, I figured that I should try pushing together on the ends of broad back strap at the same time and like magic it opened!

Holding onto each end, I stood there looking at her naked back. I could not believe that I was undressing her. Her back and shoulder blades were smooth and blemish free. Her muscles were developed nicely from her swimming.

‘Hand the strap ends to me, under my arms’ she said, raising her elbows slightly.

I held the suit ends under her armpit, less an inch from her skin. As I did, I looked under and got a quick peek of the wide curve of her breast meeting her rib cage. She crossed her arms across her front and reached for the broad backsides of the garment. I let go, when she grasped the ends. As I pulled my hands back I accidentally brushed against the sides of her breasts.

‘I’m sorry… I stammered.

‘Oh, I don’t mind you touching me. I hoping that you will want to do more than that later!’

I didn’t know what to make of that statement. As Molly turned to Alan and I, she clutched the suit to her chest, causing her boobs to spill out of the top at the edges.

She smiled mischievously, with an erotic slow lick of her lips, she lowered the suit, exposing her white breasts. They were wide and flat, spanning nearly across her from arm to arm, rising two inches or so off of her chest wall.

She had the most beautiful and perfectly formed breasts I had ever seen. They formed two symmetrical and identical circles high on her chest, with a shallow valley between the lovely orbs. Molly also had the most unique upturned nipples, on the upper portion of the curve of her breast.

Her nipples and their surrounding rings of pigmented skin were a uniform soft pale pink in color. Molly’s areolas, about the size of a quarter in diameter, were made of bands of smooth blemish free skin. Together they formed teats that looked like symmetrical cones that stood about an inch and a half high.

I was fascinated with how unusual looking they were. These puffy nipples stood firm and erect. I had never a photo of such sweet, delicate, and suck-able nipples now standing so prominent atop her beautiful breasts.

She broke my stare, ‘Do you like my boobs? Are they sexy for you to look at? My nipples are kind different looking, huh?

‘Oh, my yes Molly!’ I said. ‘Your breasts are very lovely and quite sexy. Your nipples are perfect and I love how they look. Your breasts are so round and so full. Molly you are beautiful. You are a very, very beautiful girl.’

She blushed and said, ‘Thank you. You are the only guy who have ever seen me and I did not know how you would like them. Actually, you are the only person, other than my gynecologist, who has seen them since I was first developing. Not even my mother has seen my breasts, as I am very shy person. Maybe that doesn’t seem the case, with what I am showing you and Alan today.’

She turned to reveal herself fully to Alan. ‘Do you like them too?’

‘Yes. Molly I do.’ Alan said turning red.

Then she turned back toward me and said in a stern voice, ‘Now, take off you shirt. I want to see you naked, before I strip completely for you. So take it off. After I get a good long look, come and hug me. I can’t wait to feel your skin against mine!’

‘You won’t have to ask me twice!’ I joked.

Suddenly, my cock jerked wildly up, striking my belly with a loud ‘smack”, causing her laugh gaily.

I was so embarrassed by that happening; to distract Molly, I quickly removed my shirt and threw it at Allen, hitting him right on his head, where it stayed. We all laughed together.

I stood there facing her, naked. I started to step toward her for the hug, but before I got my foot off the floor, her hand came up in a stopping motion, freezing me in place.

‘Please stay where you are a while longer for me. I want to look at you, so completely exposed just for me. I have waited a long time to see a boy in the nude and I wish to take my time to look, now that you are stark-naked. This is so cool!’

What could I possibly say in reply? My embarrassment and discomfort grew and grew as she looked at me for a long time. I began to feel uncertain in this game. Being in a position of helplessness by her request was unsettling. She left me speechless.

Part 3 tomorrow night

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