First Time in College, Part V & VI  

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First Time in College, Part V & VI

Part V The story continues in the dorm...
Part VI A lithe blonde expands Michael's...

Part IV
As he lay on his bed I told him: ‘I think, I’m ready to give it a try’. I got up and walked near to his bed.

‘Good, do come over to my bed, and sit next to me. Okay, I will show you what I do and how I can open up to accept a finger easily. You can do it too with some practice. Remember if you ever get the chance to have anal sex with one of the ladies here at college, you have to start with her just as I am going to show you now. Otherwise you will cause her pain and that will be it, you will have lost your chance to do this with her.’

I was glad to hear him talking about doing this with a woman, as that seemed to make this all more normal in my mind. I was nervous sitting on his bed and apprehensive about what we were about to do together. I got butterflies in my stomach and kind of sweaty. I decided to go ahead and see what happens, figuring that I can always say I want to stop and not go any further.

In a blink of the eye he pulled down his shorts and briefs to his ankles. Then with a flick of his foot, they sailed across the room nearly landing on my bed. He parted open his legs as he drew up is feet nearly to his hips. He was spread so that his knees were now nearly touching the bed. I looked down between his legs as he lay on his back. The way he was positioned I had just the slightest view his anal opening under his ball sack. I had the strongest urge to touch and examine his uncircumcised cock. I decided to ignore that impulse.

With one hand he pulled his balls up and slid his butt down and out, allowing me a clear view of his opening. He had little hair there and not really much on his scrotum either. I glanced again at his cock, which now had half of a drop of pre-come showing in the fine slit of his gland. His foreskin was beginning to withdraw as he harden and grew.

‘Open my bedside drawer and get out my bottle of Astroglide. Open up the top tip and hand it to me, please.’

I found the little plastic bottle, opened it and handed it to him. He lubricated his middle finger, dropped his hand down and after he had let out a long deep breath, he slid in the wet finger slowly into his dark opening as he breathed in. He paused, exhaled deeply, another pause… then as he inhaled, and he presses it home, more and more. He repeated this slow deliberate process, as his finger seemed to slip in effortlessly past his knuckles right up to the hilt. It was amazing in my mind that I was watching this and that he did not seem to be staining at all do it.

I asked, ‘Does it hurt?’

‘Nope, not in the least, in fact it feels good.’

I said that I got it, and started to get off of his bed.

‘Hey, where do you think you’re going? Do you want to learn how to do this or not? Put some lube on your finger, come nearer and press you fingertip gently on my anus.’

I felt very nervous now. I put a few drops of the slippery liquid on my index finger and kind of crawled up between his legs on my knees. I looked down to his opening as he withdrew his finger.

I knew that my time had come; yet I had never touched a man in a sexual way before. And I sure as heck had not touched a guy on his anus! I hadn’t touched anyone, but me, sexually.

Looked like that was going to change right now, so without thinking about it further, I pressed my finger over his bum-hole. I was kind of shocked as I touched it.

Silence filled the room. All I could hear was our breathing, which seems to be quite rapid and excited.

‘Okay, I’m ready for you to press in. I’m going to take a deep breath in, let it out and then breathe in again. Then, as I breathe that last time, I want you to press in slowly and gently. You will feel me relax and then open, when you feel that, press in a little and you will feel the inter sphincter, stop there and wait for me to do the breathing cycle again. Got it?’

‘Yes’, I said weakly.

Just as he had said, I felt his outer sphincter relax and open with my pressure against him. My finger entered him, maybe an inch or so. And then with another breath, he widened further with his second hole opening to my finger. It seemed to just glide in. It was as though he was pulling on my finger, as I gently pushed in, until my second knuckle was inside his warm tight rectum.

‘Press it in all the way’, he whispered to me.

I did press on, until the entire length of my finger was in the anal canal. He softly whimpered as I moved about him to feel the inside of his tunnel.

He felt warm, tight and smooth inside. I felt shaky and had to concentrate to hold my arm and hand still or I would have betrayed my nervous excitement. I could not speak.

‘I want you to now press the tip of my finger forward and up towards my cock, then slide it back and up, in the direction of my naval to see if you are able to feel the prostrate gland.

As I did so, he moaned loudly. I was sure I had felt it and from his reaction I must have hit it.

‘Are you okay?’

‘Yes, and you have it, press back and forth on my button.’ He urged. Again as I did so, he moaned again and then again with each pass of my finger over his gland.

I stopped moving it for a second and he quickly implored me to keep massaging him. Slide you finger in and out of me while you rub over it… With one of his hands he gave his cock long hard strokes, and with the other he pulled up and out on his nuts stretching his ball sack tightly. I thought that doing so would hurt and I kind of winced.

He quickly came with huge globs of white cum shooting out of his prick. I sat there amazed with my finger still in him, feeling his anus tighten rhythmically with the spurts of his climax. His ejaculate oozed out of his cock and down over his fist. I started at his cock.

I started to move my finger, and he said: ‘Be careful not to press on my prostate as you pull out, it is very sensitive now’.

I carefully and slowly pulled out of him. As I did so, it felt as though he was hanging onto me. I was frozen in place not knowing what to do next. With several wads of Kleenex he cleaned up the mess he had made. His come was all over his thighs, stomach and chest. He sure came allot.

He said: ‘Wow that really felt great! You should try it. Are you ready to give it a go?’

I didn’t feel up for that and begged off, saying: ‘I think that I’ve had experienced enough for one day.’

I wanted to go to my bed and masturbate, as my cock had been rigid for a long time and my balls begged for release.

‘Come on, you must want to come. How about it? Would you like to slip your cock into me? I am all-loose, opened up and ready for that. You did a great job of getting me off. It’s my turn to return the favor.’

I did not know what to say… I wanted to do it and at the same time I was kind of scared and worried about doing all of this with a guy. He let the silence settle in for a while.

Then he said, ‘Come on take off your clothes, I want you to do it, I really do. Please let’s do it together, now.’
My resistance stared to fade and apparently he sensed that because he reached over and handed me the Astroglide. I took it and knew that with that I was agreeing to proceed.

Part V
So I was not going to be a virgin any longer. I never would have guessed that my first time would be with a guy. I did what he wanted me to do and what I wanted to do, by beginning with taking off my shorts.

I leaned back to loosen my buttons on the cut-off jeans. Then I slid them down while bringing my briefs too. He pulled of his t-shirt. I quickly did the same for I knew that if I stopped moving and undressing I would probably chicken out.

He turned over and got onto his knees raising his ass into the air. I squirted the slick liquid lubrication onto the palm of my had and greased up my cock. He told me dribble some onto his hole and push a lot of it into him with my finger.

Looking down at his puckered brown star I squeezed the lube bottle letting out a stream of the liquid that landed just above his hole. I pushed in a large amount in quick motions. I added more and as I did so, sliding in and out of him I got him very wet and slick. He was noticeably looser and open than when I first probed his anus.

My rock hard cock bounced and twitched inches from his ass.

He announced to me ‘I’m ready when you are… give it to me, fuck my ass, now!’

That was it; I gave in and moved to position my body closer so I could thrust into him. He knew I was lined up and close to his opening. I was all set to do it.

I a desperate tone he implored me ‘push into my asshole, quickly. Please.
Without thinking for a second longer, I reached down to my hard on and lowered the cock-head against his rosebud and pressed it against home.

I could feel him breath out and I pressed it in as he inhaled. He was really open wide for me and I slid in about an inch, easily. He felt so warm and tight. God it felt good. I grabbed his hips to steady myself.

‘Yes, that’s it. You are part way in, let me breathe again, you know when to thrust past my second ringed gate.’

When if heard him inhale again, I thrust my cock past the rim lock to his anal canal and I easily entered him deeply. We both moaned in deep guttural voices.

‘Fuck me, go deeper and really fuck my ass!

I needed no further encouragement as my raw sexual desire and lust took control of my strokes in and out of his tight ass.
I started to pump in and out of him, with long deep thrusts. I became hotter and hotter with each stroke. I now used my grip on his hips and back as leverage to bring more force and power to my strokes.

‘Oh, yes, you are fucking me now! Keep at it! Keep at it…’

He was moaning and moaning, and pushing back onto me each time I pushed into him. He was sucking me in and thrusting mightily on my erection. The feeling on me was wonderful, powerful and erotic.

We fell into a natural synchronized motion of primitive sexual passion. We rocked back and forth together in a consistent stoke, with occasional long pulls out of his ass, until I was almost entirely out, where I could feel his anal sphincter grip my cock-head tightly. I’d pause there for a second or two, and then I would thrust back in as deeply as I could go, burying my dick into his tight, tight ass.

Now I was moaning, loudly too. The feeling on my prick was indescribable. I had never felt such intense sensations on my cock as this created. It felt so different from when my hand masturbated me. I was surprising myself. He was so right that was great! And I wondered if a woman felt this good, I sure hoped so!

More moans… and groans as our organisms neared. He writhed and turned about under me, as I impaled him with my deep stokes. Now, he was jacking himself off with wild abandon. Our naked bodies grew very sweaty with our sex energy together.

Suddenly, he asked: ‘are you close, because I’m coming right now! Keep moving inside me as long as you can after you climax.’

I kept pushing in and out, over and over, feeling my organism quickly building until I came in shuddering spasms and spastic reflexes that shook my whole body. His ass gripped my cock tightly, in rhythmically timed contractions as he and I came and came. It was amazing how long we both ejaculated with him climaxing internally around my hard-on.

I stayed in him as he milked my dick. Finally, I softened and lost my rigidly, until I could not stay inside against the force of his tight asshole.

I had slipped out, and we collapsed together onto the bed atop one another. Then we rolled onto our sides. I held him in my arms, thinking what the hell, maybe I’m gay. If so, I didn’t care.

Whatever I was, I felt warm, happy and very satisfied sexually like I had never been before.

He turned over to face me and said: ‘I loved what you did with me. I hope that we can repeat our sex play many times in the coming nights that we are at school together. If you never want to do it again, I understand that too. I just hope that you do not make that decision.’

‘I really liked it. It was amazing and felt so good. I climaxed like I have never done before. Thank you for showing me this and I hope you and I will keep it as our secret. I don’t want others to know what we did today. I’m a little confused about fucking a guy in the ass. I know I love girls and I know that I loved that too.’

‘I agree with everything you have said. I do not want others to know about this either, as too love to have sex with girls. Yet, I know that I prefer men and I don’t want that word to get out. I’m not ready to get out of the closet.’

‘Are you saying that you really are gay?’

‘No, I’m not fully gay. I will try to explain. Obviously, I really like to have his ass filled by your hard cock. And I love to have my prostrate massaged by a guy like you, too.’

‘You see, I have known that I am bi-sexual, since high school. I have loved every sexual experience I have had, be it with a women or a man. I am so happy and grateful that you liked it too.’

I never thought about the term ‘bi-sexual’ before. I didn’t know that I would learn about this in college! I just hoped to get laid. I had only had this one night in my young sexual career.

I told him ‘well, I told you that I am, or was a virgin. I promise you that I would like to have more sex with you. You really seemed to get off on having me inside of you. So, right now, I am thinking that I would like to have you fuck me in the ass to see what it is like. Understand that I may changer my mind about that when I am not so sexually intoxicated!’

I felt his hand reach down and surround my limp cock and tender balls. He snuggled closer to me. It felt good to have him closer and to have him hold my privates.

‘And, of course, I would very much like to have sex with you again. Next time, I invite you to be playing my role of this night. I want to be inside of you. Your ass is still virginal you know. I would love to pop your cherry!’

He gave me another squeeze and then released his hold on my genitals. He rolled over and came down with his head over my cock.

‘I want to such on you, may I?’

‘Maybe in the future I would. Right now I’m not so sure I want to try that with you. Lets get up and shower. I’m starved.’

We showered, separately. Then we went down to the dorm snack bar and ate. We had a great time together laughing and telling stories about our crazier moments in high school.

After studying at our desks for some time, we called it a night and got into bed, wishing the other a good night’s rest.

As lay there, I found myself dreaming of having his finger rubbing my prostrate and of his cock pumping deep inside of my ass. I smiled and fell asleep.

Part VI

The next night I was studying in my dorm room when a petit blonde coed from across the hall came in and asked where Ben, my roommate was. I said I did not know, but I could give him a message.

She said, with a big smile, ‘Tell him Monique came by looking to get laid!’

I stammered, ‘I can let him know that.’

I mustered up all of my courage and said ‘how about I help you out with what you want from Ben? We could keep your visit a secret and not let him know that you were here!’

She came closer to me and said, ‘you’re kind of cute. What’s your name?’

‘Michael.’ I said, as she sat on my bed. ‘Nice to meet you Monique.’

‘So, tell my why you think you are a good bet to satisfy my need to have great sex tonight?’

I stammered a reply, ‘Well, I, err, well… I’d like to help you, and I can you know…’

I could feel my face redden with embarrassment. My experience with my roommate last night had apparently given me a false sense of bravado. I was at a total loss for words.

I knew that I had no idea what to do sexually with a college coed. She was sizing me up and letting me do a slow burn. She did not say anything to me for a long time.

Finally, she said, ‘Sounds like your confidence is not so strong now. Or is there a problem with me. Do you not find me sexy or attractive enough for you?’

‘Oh, yes I do find you attractive and very much to my liking. I just am not as experienced with girls as my roommate is.’

‘Well do you find me just a little bit sexy?’ She asked, leaning forward, allowing me a view down her shirt, exposing the tops her fine little breasts.

They were held by a very sheer and lacy white bra. I could just see the top of one of her soft pink areolas. I was lost in space looking at her boobs.

All the while I was staring down at her, I did not realize that she was looking me straight in the eye with a wicked knowing smile.

Which I saw when I glanced up when she said, ‘seems that you have found something that you like.’

My face turned bright crimson. I thought, what the hell, I may as well risk it, just as I had last night, and see what happens…

‘You caught me! Yes, I like what I see very much. Your breasts are beautiful. They are so little and sexy. I love small ones. And that is a beautiful bra you have on. Would you let me see more of it and of you?’

Monique smiled and said. ‘My, you seem to have taken a sudden interest in me, again.’

She paused for effect, ‘So, perhaps you would like to see my right nipple, because I had it pierced this summer. I think it looks real sexy. I can show you that it you like.’

Wow, a pierced nipple, that was something I had never seen, so I replied ‘Oh, yes I would like that. I have only seen piercings in pictures, you know… I’ve never seen one in real life.’

She laughed, ‘ Well Michael, tonight is your lucky night!’

Monique looked down to her blouse and started unbuttoning it! I could not believe this was happening. What a lucky night for me indeed! I got up from my desk and locked the door to the room.

She smiled at me when I turned around. ‘Good thinking, my boy, we will need some privacy for this little sex play.’

Then I got to see her taking off the blouse by slipping it off of her shoulders. She sat there in her little bra and I could see the nipple ring through the ultra thin white fabric of her bra cup. She looked so sexy sitting there, on my bed! My cock was responding quickly to her teasing play with me.

‘You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen. I am so happy you are here.’ Unconsciously, I pushed my cock over a little through my cutoffs.

‘Seems that you need to adjust yourself in there!’ She winked at me and reached back to unhook her bra.

‘You seem to be a sweet guy. I’m glad I came looking for Ben and found you. Are you ready for me to give you a little my titties and nip ring?’

She held the bra across her chest, teasing me, before she revealed herself fully. Her breasts were perfect and about the size of a half orange. The nipple ring stood up and off of her right breast. Monique had such loveable little-bits on her breasts. I walked away from the door and sat down on my bed next to her.

‘You are beautiful and seeing your cute little breasts is getting me very hot.’

‘Really? That’s good. I like to get a boy hard. Am I having any effect on your cock? So, you like little tits? That’s good, because most of the guys around here only go for big ones.’

‘Oh not me. I much prefer little ones, just like yours.’

Her hands slowly pulled the A-cups of her bra back up her stomach to the underside of her breasts. She held the half folded cups there, leaving just enough lace to cradle her breasts. This framed very nicely her hard pink nipples that protruding pertly above the lace trim. She looked so erotic and sexy doing this that my heart began to really pound in my chest.

Leaned closer to her right nipple to examine the small gold ring and how the stud had pierced through the tender nip of skin. I was so happy. I still could not believe that this was happening. She held perfectly still as I looked, except for her breasts rising and falling with each breath she took.

‘May I touch and examine your piercing?’ She nodded agreement.

I reached out and carefully touched the ring by bringing it between my thumb and finger. Slowly, I pulled on it.

‘Is that okay?’

‘Yes, you are not hurting me. I like how gentle you are with me. Go ahead and bring my nipple tip out more.’

As I did so, the skin of her little breast coned out tightly, as I pulled on the ring. I was about to come in my shorts.

‘You are sure that I’m not hurting you?’

‘Not yet, if you pull more, it will begin to hurt a little bit.’

I reduced the pressure. ‘Yes, that’s good. Keep playing with me, I’m getting hot and bothered.’

I twisted the ring causing her nipple to corkscrew. With my other hand I cupped her breast and felt its softness.

‘Monique, I am getting quite hard, quite hard indeed for you. May I suck on your nipples?

‘Yes. And keep playing with my ring because I’m starting to make me wet too! Suck on my other nipple and continue to pleasure me just like you are doing now, Michael.’

I continued to finger her nipple ring and I felt her other breast. They are so soft and firm in my hands. I love her little A-cup breasts! She looks so sweet and innocent.

I sucked on her nipple, which quickly harden in my mouth. Monique rubbed her hand on my cutoffs feeling my erection under the denim fabric.

‘I think this big thing of yours wants out of there!’ she said reaching for the zipper to my shorts.

She opened my fly and unbuttoned the cutoffs. Monique pulled them down off me and she reached into my briefs to grab a hold of my hard prick.

Her mouth was on me before I knew it. She was sucking on me and I was in heaven! Her lips held my cock-head while her hand stroked my shaft up and down. I felt her tongue probe the slit at the center of my mushroom. I could hardly sit still with her tonguing my most sensitive spot.

‘Don’t come in my mouth,’ she said between smacks of her lips on my cock. I don’t like the taste, okay? I like to have come on my face. So, let me know if you are about to shoot and I will hold you next to my cheek so you can climax on my face.’

Of course, I agreed! And she continued to blow me, hard. Not more than a few seconds later, I had to tell her to get her lips off of my erection, because I was about to climax!

She just got my cock-head out of her mouth when I ejaculated. My hot sperm shot all over her face. It flowed out of me in spurts and steams, coming to rest all over her cheeks, nose, jaw and throat. When I stopped she had a broad smile on her face.

‘Wow, that was close! You almost came in my mouth. She rubbed my come with her fingertips around one of her cheeks.

‘I Hope you liked it! I love to suck dick. I’ll be you wish that I liked to swallow. Hand me that washcloth and I will clean up some.’ She wiped her new cream facial from her face and neck.

‘I’m not complaining that you did not let me come inside you. I loved what you did to me and I love being able to see and touch you. You are wonderful, beautiful, and very sexy.’

She dipped her finger into a pool of my sperm on the cloth and brought it up to my lips. ‘Open wide, I want you to taste your spunk.’ I sucked it off. ‘What do you think?’

‘It’s kind of salty and thick. I don’t think it tastes so bad.’

‘That’s good. Have you ever tasted it before? You know, have you given another guy head?’

‘No. I haven’t done that’ I said softly.

Just as Monique was about to say something more to me, we heard the lock in the door open. In stepped my roommate Ben. He took one look at me with my pants around my ankles and Monique sitting topless next to me and broke into laughter.

‘Looks like your sexual career here at college is getting off to a good start! Mind if I join you two?’ I blushed bright red.

Monique saw that and said ‘I think boys are adorable when they get embarrassed. She leaned over and gave me a long kiss.

‘Well, Ben, I just gave your roommate a blowjob. How do you like that and what did you have in mind for us?’

‘Did you now? He needed a good blow and he needed to experience that. Did he mention to you that he is a virgin?’

‘Oh great, why did you have to say that Ben?’

‘You haven’t had your cherry picked?’ She asked.

‘No. He’s got it right. Now I’m more than embarrassed. I’m humiliated too. Some secret friend you are.’

‘Secret? Michael, what do you mean secret friend? What do you two have going on in here?’

Before I could react to that, Ben asked ‘Have you ever been with two guys?’

‘You offering yourself and Michael here?’

‘I’m game if he is.’

The both asked simultaneously, ‘Michael?’

I stammered, ‘Well, yes, of course I would love to have sex with Monique.’

She teased ‘what about with Ben?’

I did not answer that. Next, Ben started taking off his clothes. After stepping out of one pant leg, he hopped on one foot over to lock the door again. Then he dropped his pants and peeled off his tee shirt. His long thin bone’er bounced and his balls swayed, as he walked over to the bed.

I pulled off my shirt as, Monique reached to her side and unzipped her skirt. She stood up, winked at us and let the skirt slide seductively down her legs to the floor.

She looked wonderful in a little thin lacy thong that matched her bra. The see-through fabric revealed that her patch was trimmed short and she had waxed it into a thin vertical line, extending above her opening for about two inches.

She smiled ardently and reached down to the waste band of her thong and wiggled her hips a bit as she lowering the flimsy garment that barely covered her female sex spot. My cock was already coming to life again, as I watched her strip naked for us.

Spinning the thong around her index finger, she spun around a couple to times and asked ‘well boys, what do you think about having a stark-naked girl in your room?’

‘We love it!’ I replied. She looked fabulous. Her little buns were so cute. I loved looking at her. I enjoyed watching her breasts bounce as she twirled.

‘Okay, my boy-toys, it’s time for some serious action. I want the two of you on the bed, laying on your backs, side by side.’

Ben came over to the bed and smiled down at me ‘here we go buddy. I hope you are ready!’

He lowered himself onto the bed and slowly lay down next to me. He casually placed his arm and hand on my left thigh. My prick jumped.

‘That’s good boys. You two look real cute like that. Now, if you either of you think you are going to have sex with me, you are going to have to amuse me first. I want each of you to turn on your sides facing each other.’ We complied with her desire.

‘Yes, just like that. Now, I want you to reach down and hold the others cock in your hand.’ We looked at each other and Ben gave me a devilish smile. I blushed again.

‘Come on, don’t look shocked Michael. Ben is ready for this. It will be good for you to try this, because you guys are always asking us girls to kiss and play with each other for your entertainment. I figure it’s only fair that you do it for me! And who knows, if you do a great job, I may bring my roommate in here and give you two a live girl show!’

That thought brought a smile to both of our faces. I looked down and I saw that Ben was reaching out to hold my penis. Then, I felt the warmth of his grip on me.

‘Does that feel good Michael?’ he asked.

He held my swelling member in his hand and started to pull up and down on it. I felt very nervous with him doing this to me, with the room lights on brightly and with Monique watching us.

‘Very good Ben, now it’s your turn Michael. I want you to do what he is doing to you and I want you to play with Ben’s nuts too.’

I looked up at her and saw that she was rubbing the top of her sex opening with one finger. Her eyes and mouth indicated that what she was doing felt very good.

‘Okay, I will do as you ask Monique.’

I touched Ben’s penis. He skin felt soft and warm. His shaft felt firmly engorged with blood. Feeling his hard-on was different that when I felt my own. Mine always feels so stiff and hard in my hand. His felt so pliable and well, life-like.

‘You feel good Ben. Never thought I would be saying to a guy; I like how your cock feels.’

Monique laughed and said ‘Hey, I’m glad I have brought you two together! However, I don’t think it’s for the first time! You too are much to relaxed and agreeable.’

Ben reached over to me and held onto my hip and ass as I fondled him. He closed his eyes and wetted his lips. I could feel the end of his dick become wet too as he leaked out pre-cum. He moaned a little, in appreciation for my pleasuring his shaft and balls.

‘Good job Michael. Now tell me the truth. I think you two have been doing this on your own. You both seem a little to into this right now if that was not ture.’

Ben laughingly replied ‘I think we have been found out Michael. Shouldn’t we tell her our secret?’

I could not believe what he was saying to her! Why was he so willing to give up our secret?

Of course, when we agreed to keep things quiet, we didn’t know that a girl would get naked in our room the very next day and that she would get us into bed together, with a promise of three-way sex!

‘Ah, Ben, I thought that we weren’t going to talk about you know what we…’ my voice trailed off as I realized that I was not helping myself one bit.

‘I knew it! Ben you are bi, right? And Michael must be bi or maybe gay Monique said pointing at me.

‘Well I’m not gay! I love girls. I love seeing you naked right now and I want to have sex with you! No way I’m gay.’

‘Well, you seem to be enjoying pleasuring Ben right now. And I am thinking, you liked him doing it to you too. I’ve got it, you are both bi-sexuals and that is great.

I will have to get my roommate in here real soon; the four of us will have a rocking good time. Believe me she is real hot in bed, and I should know!’

Ben returned his hand to my shaft and started to jack on my hard-on. Now my eyes closed. The secret was out, so what the hell, I may as well get into it. And his hand did feel real good on me right now. I jerked as his hand came across my sensitive glans head.

‘So what have you guys done together? Have you sucked each other off or maybe you’ve done mutual masturbation, like you are doing now? Come on, you can let me in on your little secret. Tell me what you have done. I want the dirt.’

Ben replied, ‘well not exactly, you see, we haven’t done any of that yet…’

Monique interrupted ‘not exactly? What do you mean by that? Either you have or you haven’t. Or, wait a minute; have you guys been butt… Wow. That’s too much. I would love to see you doing that!’

‘We are not going to do that for you!’ I interjected quickly.

Ben jumped in ‘oh yeah? Why not? If she wants to see us and we want to she her going at it with Heather, her roommate, why should we not do what we like to do?’

I could not believe I was listening to this. I was so humiliated, again. Yet, my cock was yearning for action and it remained very hard.

Now it was my turn to take the initiative ‘I’ve got an idea, Monique, have you ever taken it anally?’

‘Nope, and I don’t think either of you would fit into my little wee hole!’

‘We might be able to teach you how to adjust to it. I did not think I could take a dick up my ass either until Ben helped me learn how to relax, open up and accept him.’

‘Well, that may or may not be a possibility in the future. I’m willing to learn about and try almost anything. Ben, you think you could give me some pointers on that. Pun intended!’

‘Very funny, Monique. Yes, I would be glad to teach you how I learned to take and passionately enjoy a hard-on in my ass. We will talk later, okay? Let’s get back to the issue at hand. Pun intended.’

‘Yuk, yuk’ she replied. ‘So, onward, my boys! Michael, while you fondle his dick, I want you to suck on me adn pleasure my tender spot.’

She swung her leg over my head and knelt over my mouth. Now this was amazing. What a view I have of her secret place! Then she lowered herself down to where my lips and tongue could reach her sweet spot.

I slipped my tongue in and out of her hole. Then I rubbed her clit up and down. Stopping now and then to suck on her too. I must have been doing a good job because she responded with loud grunts and moans. Monique rotated herself onto my mouth.

Ben quickened his hand strokes on my erection until I had to ask ‘can you get something to lube me up with? That’s starting to hurt a little bit due to so much friction!’

I felt him get off the bed. Then, to my surprise, I felt his lips around my cock. I froze at first as be began sucking me. Then I let go as I began to enjoy being sucked into the warm wet hole of his mouth.

I heard Monique voice ‘that’s so hot Ben! I have never seen a guy suck cock before.’

I flinched and tried to pull out. Ben came off of me and said ‘hey guy, relax… go with it. She’s getting excited watching. I am getting hot doing it and it must feel great to you!’ His mouth surrounded me again, warm wet and dynamic in his sucking on my sensitive head.

It did feel amazing. Better that the two previous times I had had a blow job in high school by girls who really did not know what to do. Now, it was my turn to moan and grunt in erotic pleasure and sensual delight.

‘Let me have some of that, Ben.’ Monique requested. She rose up and away from my happy lips that were performing oral sex on her. She swung her leg up and around me again, to inch backwards toward my throbbing erection.

Ben’s mouth came off of me and I felt his hand on my hard-on, directing me straight up, until I felt Monique’s wet lips of Venus, surround me.

I could feel Monique pressing down upon me, as I slipped deeply into her vagina. Oh the sensation on my prick was delicious and I was beginning to feel delirious.

She was soft and delightfully warm inside. Then she slid up my cock and quickly down, its entire length. Up to the top until I nearly came out of her and down and down until I was fully inside her. Up and down, again and again. My balls were slapping against my ass at the end of each down stroke. Her breasts bounced freely with each thrust.
I felt Ben’s hands on my chest. His fingers found my nipples and he rubbed them between his thumb and finger bringing them to a state of hard arousal.

He then pinched my nipples and pulled on them. It hurt, yet he was sending sexual shocks down to my nuts and cock with each pinch and pull.

I felt myself beginning to come. I bucked under her, flexing my thighs to gain power to push my shaft deeper into her pussy. I tried to stay with her, on her upward strokes, pushing ‒ thrusting, not wanting to have her pull away from me.

As I fondled her breasts, I watched her pull on her own nipples, bringing the little teats outward from her small breasts. She was using her nipple ring to elongate the tip way out, until I thought it must have hurt a lot more that what Ben was doing to me.

As she pulled on the ring, the skin around her eyes squinted in pain. Watching her do this was so amazingly erotic! She shrieked out a wild primitive sound.

Then, Monique cried ‘come for me Michael, come for me… I’m coming now! Yes, yes now, shoot it into me, yes.’

That was all I needed to climax with a mighty eruption. I came and came, ejaculating shot after shot of hot sperm deep into her. She felt so amazing and fantastic to feel her climaxing rhythmically around my hard-on.

When I stopped, I lay there still inside her for sometime. I tried to determine if the feeling was better or more satisfying with her than my organism with Ben the night before.

He must have read my mind for he asked me ‘is she better than me, Michael?’

I did not want to offend either of them, so I said, ‘she is different, not better or less hot, just a hole lot different.’

‘I had better feel different!’ Monique said gleefully. Ben slapped her ass. She let out a yelp.

‘Okay, you two, now it’s my turn! Ben announced. ‘Get off him, please and let me have her.’

She lay down beside me, opened her legs and draped one over my leg. I felt her hand on my wilting cock. As she softly milked the last of my ejaculate out of me, I could see Ben lowering himself into her sperm filled tunnel. I watched her hard nipples atop her lovely flatted breasts.

He thrust into her deeply, causing her to cry out in passionate delight. Their intercourse sounded loud and sloppy wet as he went in and out of her. Monique was howling loudly, clawing at his back with her fingernails, in deep enrapture from being fucked so quickly by to young stallions. A climax shuddered through her body.

‘Keep at it Ben, I want to come again and again!’

I slid off the bed, and knelt on the floor beside them. I moved closer Monica’s hip. I slapped him on his ass cheek, and asked ‘I want you to come out of her, so I can suck on you.’

She whimpered as he pulled out of her. He rose up to kneel between her legs. She quickly replaced his cock with three fingers thrusting into her sex.

Monique reached down with her other hand and grabbed my balls and cock pulling them down, hard. I yelped. She held on, with a little less pressure… and pulled again. My protests turned to prurient moans as I felt pleasure and pain, again and again.

Ben rotated on his knees to bring his hard-on within reach of my open mouth. He thrust it into me. I felt his cock going down my throat, gagging me. I pulled back, yet held onto him with my mouth, firmly sucking on his prick and tightening my lock on him with my lips.

I sucked on him, as he thrust in and out of my mouth. The feeling was so sexual and wild, with me sucking on his wet cock. I could taste her juices and my own cum on his member.

Monique, implored ‘don’t you come in him Ben! I want you back in me quickly!’

Without missing a stroke, he flew out of me, turned and dropped his member into her wide-open hole. Again, she cried out lustily, as he slammed into her. He was bucking atop her hard now, emitting his own blistering bellows of sexual fire.

On and on their lovemaking continued, as I massaged her breasts and pulled on her nipples bringing little squeals of delight, pain and arousal.

She turned her head on to the side of the mattress and urged me to come over to her mouth. I brought my half-hard-cock to her lips. She sucked me in. I began to rock back and forth, slowly masturbating my cock to life in her mouth.

I quickly hardened as my erotic arousal swelled. I knew that I would not last long with her little hot mouth around me. I watched her sweet little lips suck on me. Beholding the sight was a highly erotic and satisfying to my carnal desires.

With a finger, Ifound Ben’s anal opening and pressed around and into his rosebud. When I got inside of him said ‘oh yes, yes, use your finger in my ass Michael! Press on my prostrate when I come!’

I felt Monique’s hand on my forearm as I thrust in and out of his anus. She grabbed me tightly and whispered ‘I want you in my ass, please be in my ass next time!

Ben announced that he was coming! Monique thrust up her hips wildly as she climaxed with him. I pressed on his internal gland.

Just then, I began to shoot off into her mouth. She did not pull away. Her tongue and lips sucked and sucked on me. She was truly hot for me, because she swallowed and swallowed all of my ejaculation.

I could see her reach multiple organisms as she thrashed about, groaning loudly with Ben and I in her. Her hands grabbed frantically at Ben and my bodies. We all shuddered and rocked together in a series of continuing climaxes.

We collapsed together into one large pile of sweaty naked flesh. Our breathing was deep and labored. None of us moved. Each of us was totally spent and sexually fulfilled.

Finally, little moans and groans were heard, awakening each of us from our sensual slumber.

‘Amazing’ Monique stated. ‘Wild’ Ben added.

All I could muster was, ‘thank you both, thank you.’

I was so happy. I had come to college hoping to loose my virginity. My wildest wishes and dreams were nothing like what had happened over the past couple of days. I was astounded at how much I liked sex, each erotic minute of it. And I could not wait to get more.

What did she say her roommates name was? I wonder if she likes it up her…

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