First Time in College, Part III  

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First Time in College, Part III

Part III

My nurse must have been aware of my dilemma for when she announced that the bag was drained, she added:
‘I’m going to snap the clip shut and remove the insertion tube from you. I will be taking the bag into the preparation room at which time you are free to go to the toilet. It is right here on my left. Do you see the door?’

I nodded yes.

Quickly she and the red bag were gone. I got off of the table and walked to the head with my erection swinging back and forth. As I sat there expelling, I noticed that my cock-head was wet and glistening with all of the pre-come that had come out of me. I was so turned on, which kind of mystified me. Gradually my erection subsided as I completed my work on the toilet.

I heard her asking through the closed door: ‘How are you doing?’

I did not reply.

‘You Okay in there? Have you finished expelling the enema?’

I could not believe she was there and asking me these embarrassing questions. I figured I had better say something.

‘I’m just fine. I am finished and I will be coming out now.’

She replied: ‘Hang on a second, let me clear the room and I will leave you to dress.”

‘Okay, I will wait.’

Soon, I heard the door to the exam room close.

I peaked out to be sure she was gone as my cock was still full and thick from having an erection for almost an hour. As I started to dress, I carefully tucked it and my sore balls into my briefs.

I got to get back to the dorm and jack-off! I came out of the exam room to the outer office area where my nurse was seated.

‘Oh there you are’ she said, kind of gaily.

She quickly glanced down and caught a view of the budge in my kaki shorts. A little smile came to her face and then she appeared to be embarrassed. I know I sure was. I wanted to get out of there and I wanted to talk with her at the same time. She was so cute.

I walked around the counter, which shielded me from any more quick looks by her at my crouch. I mustered up the courage to say something to her rather than leave.

What the heck should I say; why, say there, you sure give good enemas. You sure got me going and I have this raging hard-on and now I got blue balls too!
Yea, right.

She spoke first, ‘You should be feeling better, do you?’

I stammered: ‘Yes, I am feeling better. My stomach ache is gone.’

‘Great, I told you that you needed an enema. I can always tell. And, I said that it would do the trick.’

I froze. Gee whiz, she is pleased with her work. An awkward silence fell as I looked at her.

Then I asked:
‘How long have you worked here?’

‘Not very long, I do this as part of my finishing nursing school. Who knows this might be my first real job after I graduate.’

‘You mean you are a student nurse?’

‘Yes, I’m in the nursing program here.’

I got embarrassed all over again. A student nurse just gave me an enema. Great.

‘Well, I got to go. See you around.’ I said as I left quickly.

‘Yes, I’ll be seeing you around campus’ she called to me as I practically ran out of the health center.

I walked to my dorm room feeling embarrassed, humiliated, aroused and strangely warm. She sure is pretty and I loved it when she held the tube in while massaging my belly.

My roommate, who was 19 and a sophomore, greeted me when I got back to my room.

‘You feeling any better? You have been gone for a long time.’

I was not going to explain to him why I was gone for so long, that was for sure.

With a knowing smile he asked: ‘Hey, did you get an enema from the nurse?’

I said I did, ‘how’d you know?’

‘Yeah, they do that routine all the time over there. Whatever you got, it seems the answer is: Give that boy an enema! I think the nurses get off on doing it to us’ he said.

Then, he asked if I had become sexually aroused with the enema.

Again I answered, yes.

‘Did she recommended that you masturbate when you got back to your room to prevent blue balls?’

‘You got to be kidding. I would have died if she said that to me.’ I replied.

‘What did she look like, how old was she?’

“She’s pretty young, maybe 21, small breasts and blonde hair. Real pretty and cute. Do you know her? Do you know what her name is?’

‘She must be new. Never seen a young one there. All the others are ancient and ugly. But, they always tell us to go masturbate after the enema. It is a riot. Dirty old broads.’

He said he wanted to know if would like to watch him do it or do a double-jerk-off?

‘You mean we’d masturbate together?’

‘Yea, that’s what I mean. I got a copy of Playboy and some grease in my footlocker.’

‘Maybe, I sure want to get rid of my blue-balls, as they were hurt’n for certain.’

‘Let’s get at it!’ he said as he bent over his footlocker at the end of the bed and got out a jar of Vaseline and the magazine.

He sat on the bed, opened the Playboy to the centerfold and quickly opened-up his shorts. After putting some Vaseline on his hand, he pulled out his dick and gave it a few pulls while looking at the pictures.

I watched his cock as it began to harden. He let go of it and I saw it swing about with spasm-twitches just as mine had done in the nurse’s exam room. He stroked it some more with his right hand and it grew to a fully erect hard-on. His penis was longer than mine and thinner too.

He told me to do what he was doing with my cock. What the hell I thought, I sure needed some release. He took a big glob of Vaseline and told be to put my palm out. He slapped it with the grease and told me to get it on.

We both lay back on our beds and jacked-off together. It did not take long for us to climax. We both spewed big white globs of cum all over our bellies. I was surprised that I did not feel the least bit embarrassed. I had never done anything like this before. It was fun.

While I jacked-off, I had visualized the nurse getting me naked, sticking her finger in my asshole again and moving it in and out. She then sucked my cock. She was naked with cute little boobs and a sweet ass. I came hard and long.

Now my cock still stood tall as it twitched with more come slowly oozing out of the tip. I milked it dry and then cleaned the sperm off of my belly with a wash towel.

I was interrupted by my roommate asking a question about my virginity and whether I had masturbated with another person before.

I said ‘No, this is a first for me. And I have not had sex with a girl beyond petting. I once had asked a girlfriend to jack me when we were petting and she refused. That’s about as close to having sex with a girl I’ve had so far. I sure hope to get luckier here in college.

He asked, ‘Have you ever stuck you prick in a guy? Or let a boy stick his cock in your ass? You know, butt-fucked?’

I replied weakly, ‘No.’

I could not believe he asked me that. I quickly became embarrassed and humiliated once more today.

Then he said: ‘would like to do that with me? I would like it and I sure would be willing to give it a try with you. I have not done it since I came to college. I used to do it with a friend in high school. We would talk about the girls we liked and wondered what it would feel like to have intercourse with them. I don’t remember who suggested we do it with each other, but we did and it sure felt good.’

‘Doesn’t it hurt?’ I asked.

‘No, not if I enter you slowly. You tell me how fast to go; you know how much to push it in. It helps for you to have a hard-on for awhile, before we get started with the anal play. You know kind of loose and sex starved.’

He went on to described what he had done with his friend in more detail, including how they had masturbated each other’s cock, often. And then the strangest thing happened. I started to feel myself getting another erection.

This freaked me out a little. I started worrying that maybe I was gay, because I was getting aroused by listening about, thinking about and talking about sex between guys.

‘I do not feel like trying that right now. I’m not saying I never would, but I think I have had my fill of any activity that has anything to do with my rear, already.’

‘I hear that.’ He said. ‘No sweat, and no pressure from me. I don’t want to creep you out. I’m not gay or anything. I definitely like girls more than a guy. If I had the choice between a girl and a guy, there is no question that I go for chicks. But, when I’m horny and there are no girls around, I have found that having sex with a guy is fun. So, I will say no more about it. Let me know when and if you are ready to give it a try.’

We lay there in silence. I did not know what to say. I could not deny that I was interested about what he proposed. As we rose to pull our shorts on, I said: ‘I thing we should talk about it again. I willing to try almost anything once!’

Days went by, with each of us masturbating in our bed; he looking at pictures of naked girls and me fantasying about the nurse.

I had been jacking-off for some years in high school, but I always hid my times of “self-abuse” from anyone else, especially any member of my family. I knew from my dad that I was not to masturbate. He said it was “wasting the seed of life”, that it was wrong and a sin.

I thought that kind of silly, since I was having wet dreams all the time. Wasn’t that wasting my seed? One time he said it straight out, that I should never masturbate with other guys.

I liked hearing my roommate jacking-off. It always got me hard and into my self-pleasuring. I could not keep from thinking and wondering about having my cock inside of a girl, especially the nurse. I started to think that he just might be the next best thing to her, just as he had said.

One night, after we both had finished whacking our cocks off, I asked him to tell me more about having anal sex. Was it really like having intercourse with a female? Did it feel the same?

He said for the one penetrating, it felt just as good or maybe better than fucking a girl because the anus muscles are so tight and it grips the penis so completely.

And as for the person receiving, he said that is sure felt good to him, once he got used to having someone sliding in and out of him. He wanted to know if I ever massaged my prostrate.
‘I’m not so sure where it is, to be truthful,’ I replied.

‘It’s in you ass, back a finger length to the front. It feels great to have it rubbed and it produces really intense climaxes.’

He recommended that I start by exploring my asshole with my finger and loosening up the two muscle openings to my anus by playing with it in the shower and in bed when I masturbated.

He said the more it got used to having something in there and having it move in and out, the better it would feel for me if I decided to do anal sex.

So, without letting him know, I started trying to push my finger in there to see what it was like. When I first tried it, I could hardly get it in there… and it hurt some.

I thought I was not doing it right. So, after a few failed attempts, I broke my silence and I told him of my difficulty. He simply said I was not relaxed enough, that I needed to open up with my breath; breathing out slowing and then breathing in as I press my finger into my anus.

‘Do you want to watch me to it? If you get the idea of it, then maybe you would like to trying to push your finger into my butt. That way you could feel the difference between how I can relax my anal opening and how tight you are because you are not relaxed and ready.’

I thought his offer over and agreed. I still had my misgivings about all of this, for it seemed pretty gay to me. I was sure I liked girls a whole lot more than boys! Yet, I thought what the hell, I’ve got to learn all I could about sex. And it was clear I would not be getting any girls to have sex with me any time soon at college.

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