When you cant sleep in the middle of the night  

rm_MsLL22 34F
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8/19/2006 6:03 pm
When you cant sleep in the middle of the night

I cant sleep tonight I have taken sleeping pills,headache pills, and pills for my possible allergies. Nothing has worked I cant get to sleep.

So I have got up to do my latest blog. Well Im alright I guess. Im not sure I like my new work surroundings. I still like the job even thou the pressure is higher now. I might start looking for something else.

The dating event was fun. It was I gave my number to one boy who asked and another boy gave me his number. But I think I want to be single and not dating. Its early days but I havent heardanything from either.
I cant be arsed with game playing that comes with dating and the stress of a relationship it may lead to.

I did get too drunk and end up snoging a guy in a bar across the road from the event. It was just to prove a point that there was is no difference between kissing black girls and white girls. If I was sober I wouldnt of fallen for it but I wasnt sober. Anyway no harm done he turned out to a be a good kisser.

It was shortly after kiss I had realised there was a link between good kissing and good oral sex. If someone is a good kisser its very likely they will be good at oral sex. As they know how to use their tongue.

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