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9/18/2005 5:14 am

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I have started to notice even when I am on my own I cant completely let go of my tears. There is something that keeps stopping me from crying as much as I want to. My mother was a great believer of crying as therapy. My mum always thought crying helped you move on and you always felt better after a cry. I want to cry when I feel sad but something is blocking me. Maybe I just need to take my time and when the time is right I will cry and let it all out.

I am hoping the funeral will help me to fully express what I am feeling.

In other news this might sound a bit conceited but I am quite a pretty girl. I find that no one wants to love and date a pretty girl they just wanna fuck her. This comment is open discussion.
Maybe its something that I do but I seem to attract guys who are looking for a short term thing or one night stand. Although I am currently looking for short term flings for now. I worry that I might continue to attract the wrong sort of guy all my life and that I will end up being someone mistress. Instead of the woman who is married with the nice house with or without out kids and a dog.

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