LL and the angry tonsils / Kissing a fool  

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6/5/2005 2:03 am

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LL and the angry tonsils / Kissing a fool

I thought keeping a blog was going to be fun. I was going to speak my mind and not hold back. I thought the Friday Night Girls Club would be a hit. I thought my blog would be very sex and the city. But instead it hasnt been like that at all. Just to update anyone who is still reading this. Billy and Bob are still slowly fading.

I came to my senses about the potential fuck buddy and I havent being responding to his texts.

I had a tramautic experience last week.I had been having a sore throat for latter part of last week

I woke up last sunday to find I had a very sore throat and chronic bad breathe and difficulty breathing unless I sat in an upright position. I was scared so I did what anyone who is scared does. Run to the computer to type in my symptons into Google.

A number of illnesses came up but nothing that covered everything I had. I worried that I had caught something through oral sex. Although it being a few weeks since I last indulged in it. I quickly typed in all the diseases you can get but nothing matched my symptons. I should of relaxed but I couldnt. So I put my launchcast on and sat bolt upright in bed, wanting to sleep but unable because I was having difficulty breathing.

Hours went by and ever so often I would get out of bed to click the are you still there?
button on launchcast.So it would continue to play music.

My stepdad knocked on the door annouced he was going to work. He brought a cup of hot milk I placed on the floor next to my bed. He left soon afterwards. I atttempted to drink the milk, however hard I tried I couldnt swallow. So I spat it out into the bowl next to my bed.

Suddenly I had an idea. I might not be able to drink milk but I could suck an ice lolly. I choose a red lolly from the freezer and went back to my room. I opened the lolly and began to suck.

Unfortnately I was unable to swallow and began to cough up red fliud which I assumed was the lolly. I looked closer and discovered I was coughing up blood. I panicked and took my phone to call a cab to get to the hospital. But by this time my speech was fluffed the cab
company hung up on me.

I had two choices text a family a member and ask them to call a cab or take a note to my local corner shop and ask them to call me a cab.

I choose the latter because I love my family dearly but I didnt know what was wrong with me.They would ask me a million questions and I was already tired and just wanted to get to the hospital.

I left the house with note and mobile phone. I took a few other belongings to entertain me while I waited to be seen at A and E.

The shopkepper took the note and I handed him the phone he called and told me to wait outside the shop. I mouthed thank you and went outside.

It seemed to take forever for the cab to arrive I had stopped spitting up a lot blood. However I was now spitting up huge amounts of saliva.

The cab came he asked me where I wanted to go I mimed a pen and paper. He annouced Hospital and I nooded.

I soon arrived at the hospital. I mimed for pen and paper and wrote down all my symptons. They gave me a paper bowl to spit up in. I sat down to wait and was seen pretty quickly.

They gave me injection in my buttom. I was told to wait to see the doctor. The injection made me sleepy so I slept. The doctor came round and woke me up. He looked in my mouth I could barely open it. He called another Doctor who looked it my mouth and then said to me you have got angry tonsils.

The other doctor annouced they would have to keep me in overnight. I panicked again I had never been in hospital overnight.I wanted to go home. I ended up staying for four days.

They arranged transport to another hospital and off I went to another hospital who dealt with this kind of illness. I texted my family to tell them I was being admitted to hospital overnight with angry tonsils.

I soon arrived at the hospital. I had to be fitted with and IV.They send a junior doctor who pricks me five times with the IV needle before decided he cant do it. The senior doctor comes along and fits the IV first time. Thats why you have got to love a man with experience.

Once fitted I was sent to get changed and endure my first night in hospital. I fell asleep quite quickly. However I did wake up in the middle of the night to realise I wasnt at home.

Morning came well actually 5.48 am the night nurse woke me up to change my antibiotics bag.At
6am the nurse came to take my blood pressure,temparature,oxygen level. I was not a happy bunny. I sat there awake unable to sleep.

Anyway to cut a long story short. I hated hospital and never want to go back as long as I live.But its very likely I will probably have to go back at some stage because you never know what life will through at you.

It lead to me asking me the doctor the most embarassing question in my life.
Was this caused by oral sex?
She said No its very unlikely its more likely to be caused by kissing or airborne particles loads of people get this she assured me.

Please Note: For any potentials out there
I am not contagious in any form now I have taken antibiotics.

Kissing a fool

Now here is my dilemma

I did snog someone 12 days prior to my acute tonsilitus episode.I have had problems with my tonsils when I hadnt snogged anybody at all. But not to the level where I am admitted to hospital.

My doctor said it was best to discuss oral hygiene with people im involved with.

However I like this person. But I am a fool to even consider to keep seeing this person without discussing oral hygiene.

Plus how do raise the subject of oral hygiene without offending - Please Advice

Anyway Im off now for a bit of retail therapy.

MrBlue762 40M

6/5/2005 2:15 pm

After a night in hospital I would recommend the full frontal assault ie tell them out right that something has to be done. However you could sugar coat it by saying something along the lines of "The doctor reccommended that I ask you to be checked out, just to be safe"

CuteAZguy27 39M
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6/8/2005 7:31 am

Im just curious. after being a few days since this blog, how are u feeling, have you ever said anything to this guy yet about the hygiene ?

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