It was suppose to be so easy  

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8/7/2005 2:26 am

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It was suppose to be so easy

Well I went to my social event. I had fun but not as much as I thought I would. The invite so it would be a 50/50 mix of male and female.

However it was more like 70/20 male / female mix. I didnt make new friends so to speak but I did have some very interesting conversations. I went with this girl called K. K is french and younger than me. But is so sophiscated I felt rather unsophiscated next to her.

I had a few short conversations with some guys. A few friendly hello's with some females. I intially felt like it was a failure as I didnt swap numbers with anyone. But actually I was nice to just meet people even if things went no further. I now feel more confident going up to a stranger and talking to them.

About half and hour into the night I saw a man sitting with a group of guys. He didnt looked like he belonged. I was instanly intrigued. I went over and spoke to him. He was unaware what tonight was about. He was friendly and made me laugh. While his mates mucked about. We chatted he bought me my first pint. We drank and chatted. He then kissed me on the lips it was nice but he also bit me on the lip. I pulled away he explained it was his way of kissing.It had a strange vibe the pleasure of a soft gentle kiss and then the pain of biting. We kissed a bit more. Then I started to get a bit shy. So we stopped he said there were two options we could go home to our separate homes or have another drink. I said go home to our separate homes. I knew I didnt want to go any further. He went off the the loo.

His mate turned to me and said
How do I get a woman to kiss me in this place?
Get her drunk enough I said laughing
He then said has he told you about his wife and kids.
I said really? my brain slightly addled with booze
The mate then said he was joking
But told me to be careful, he was looking out for me.
I told him it was only a kiss.
He asked me if the guy knew that.
I said I think so.

The guy returned from the loo and I quickly said goodbye to K.We left the club to make our way home.

As we walked I repeated my conversation with his mate as I just wanted to make things clear in my head.
He told me he didnt have a wife and kids. He asked me to confirm which mate had told me that I wouldnt confirm as I didnt want to cause any trouble. I added the mate said he was looking out for me.

His responses Men are never looking out for you. He was probably trying to get you for himself.
We said goodbyes at the station and had a quick kiss.Its very unlikely that we will ever see each other again as we didnt exchange numbers.
But it still very nice to meet him.

My social event experience has made me more determined to go to more of these events. Meeting people is cool and enhances your life.

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