I laughed until I cried  

rm_MsLL22 34F
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6/26/2005 10:41 pm

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5/28/2007 1:02 pm

I laughed until I cried

I had a funny night last night.I spoke to a person I had met twice. After feedback from various women including myself. He was now offering his services for financial gain.I was surprised and amused by this in a way I cant explain.

I admit that post sex I pursued him on and off basis for another shag. I have got wet from talking online with him.

Our online conversation was interrupted as my stepdad wanting to talk to me.

My mother is unwell.My stepdad informed me of her new condition. I got upset as the news wasnt good. I said it was all too much. I left the flat to shut my window. Then I came back in to the flat.

He asked me what was wrong I explained that I couldnt really handle my mother's ill health. I missed talking to her. I got jealous when I saw young women with their mothers. I also went into that someone was offering their services to me.

My stepdad looked bemused and said maybe he thinks youre depressed

Im not depressed I replied

I explained that post intimacy I did pursue him on and off basis.

I just dont think I need to pay for it.I said

L, at least if you pay for it you get what you want out of it.You tell him what to do. he said

So this guy could be my bitch I said laughing

Until I started to cry.Did this guy think that I was so unattractive, lonely and desperate that I would pay for it?

I just think that a woman with a sex life already has so many expenses. Hair, nails, make up, body hair removal, clothes, sexy underwear,condoms,etc. Then add paying for sex and a hotel to it. If you are paying for it better be earth shatteringly good.

I find the idea of paying for sex a complete turn off. But I have to admit it might of been a laugh to pay for it.

1hardhotrod4u 47M
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6/28/2005 7:18 am

I agree with you. You should'nt pay for it- it changes everything about it, and not for the better. You think at first welll you have to try it once....so you do, but I have only had sex with a prostitute once, and it was the most empty unsexy experience of my life. She ws very nice looking, but she just lay there and let me get on with it,so I did, but I couldn't wait for it to be over, and the more I thought about it the harder it became to cum.......hahahaha. It was really horrible- and I felt ghastly afterwards. It is important to me that the other person is really into it too, which I'm sure some prostitutes are, but you can get the same effect by pretending.........with some one you like....hahahaa......

Anyway, I hope your mum is ok take care!

AmberSolaire 42M

7/4/2005 5:09 pm

Payment is subjective.If you do make damn sure you get value for money.lol

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