Call girl Daydream / Erotic Fiction  

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6/14/2005 2:47 pm

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Call girl Daydream / Erotic Fiction

When I am not daydreaming about being thinner. I do daydream about being a call girl.


1 I think its an easy way to make a living.

2 It probably more fun than what I do now.

3 Its probably quite glamourous

I dont think I would ever seriously look into being a call girl.Its something I daydream about to pass the time. I love to fantasize.

My daydreaming has lead me to a buy a book called The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl. I am yet to start reading it. I am hoping it will be a good read.

I like erotic fiction it can be really interesting read. I recently read One hundred strokes of the brush before Bed. I enjoyed the book.

But thought it was trying to hard to
hit all bases sexually. The book
covers s&m,group sex, casual sex,girl on girl. But I later realised that the book was based on the author personal diary.

So more or less these things did happen to her. I related to the character in sense that she wants to explore sex and isnt afraid at all.

When I joined this site I wasnt afraid and was open to all options. Because I wasnt sure what I desired. But now I know more about myself I am more picky about my sexual partners.

My next read book I will be purchasing is The Sexual Life of Catherine M. I read a few pages of the book on amazon. It seemed similar to One Hundred Strokes, etc. But I am intrigued to read it.

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