A picture paints a thousand words  

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5/15/2006 3:55 am

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A picture paints a thousand words

I have been thinking of adding a picture to my profile either of my ample chest or a picture that was taken of my cunt on drunken one night stand. Since I have more time on my hands I have more time to mess about on the internet and read website like nerve.com and flick through downloading porn with davo. I saw a really sexy picture which I am going to add to my blog. Also read a really interesting essay on disabled sex on nerve.com which I am also going to put on my blog.
My return to writing isnt working out as I hoped. Im feeling a little blocked creatively. I feel like I dont really relate and want to tell the stories of characters that I have wriiten about in the past. But also I have new characters that I want to write about. I figure to get inspired I should do what always inspires me, going to art galleries, lots of reading fiction and non fiction, nerve.com see movies, chat to strangers online. Try to have some new experiences.

SV has slight suprised me he is being slightly more organised than in the past. In the past when we wanted to do it I spent hours online trying to track a hotel down and he did nothing except not turn up on the day , giving me a silly excuse causing me to lose my deposit. However this time he has picked a hotel and is the process of saving up for it. Communication between us is almost non existent but im quite happy with that, im not as wrapped up in him as use to be. I pretty much just want sample the goods and stick around if they are good. I was pressuring for actual dates for when we were going to do it and he asked me what was the hurry and I really had no response to his question.

If I dont hear from him in a couple weeks there will be no chasing on my part Im to old for that shit and their are plenty more fish in the sea. I will be trying to have a picture of the week and maybe website/news/essay of the week.

The picture of the week is of a nipple and outline of playboy bunny I think its a great image from a great blog - http://AdultFriendFinder.com

The NIPPLE is not mine it belongs to website above but I thought its a really sexy image

Essay of the week - is about disabled sex. It really interesting as you dont consider what it must be like but in all the essay is really positive. Copy and paste.


Im so partly jealous that this lady has carried out 2 of my fantasies threesomes and groupsex. Although saying that I feel like my sex drive is a little low, im not craving sex as much as I use to. Plus im kind of going through a girl on girl phase not find men that sexually attractive may look for a woman to explore my bicurious side. But I want to be sure before I go down that road as I dont want to waste anyone's time

I have will be putting a picture of my cunt on my page just to see if its a good idea probably end up exchanging for my ample chest as it more an accurate image of who I am.

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