a quiet night in  

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12/5/2005 4:04 pm

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a quiet night in

You sit down on the settee, and reach for your wine, taking a sip, you cross your legs allowing the hem of your already short skirt to ride up a little further, revealing the lacy top to your black stockings.

Moving closer I rest my hand upon your knee and lean closer, our faces barely an inch apart, I look into your eyes, and you gaze back at me, we have a mutual understanding as to what will happen next. Our lips meet, brushing gently at first, and then again, more fully. I taste your lipstick and catch a faint flavour of the white wine. Tentatively our tongues touch as our mouths open wider, our lips meeting more fully. Our tongues entwine, exploring each others mouths. Running over each others teeth and probing, deeper and deeper, twisting, rubbing, tasting.

My right hand moves slowly up your leg, up the smooth fabric of your stocking, over the lacy top of your stocking and onto the cool bare flesh of your thigh. My fingers spread wide as I circle my hand caressing round the top of your thigh, the heel of my hand brushing against the top of your stockings while my fingers explore your soft smooth thigh. Moving down to feel your bare buttock and circling back to the top of your thigh again.

My left hand strokes your bare neck as our kiss becomes more passionate. Your right hand seeks out my thigh and runs up to my crotch, gently squeezing my testicles and penis. Working the heel of your hand against the bulge of my prick, with your fingers pushing gently up against my balls.

You shift your weight slightly and uncross your legs to allow my inquisitive fingers to seek out and touch the silky triangle of material of your thong. Stroking your inner thigh, brushing the tips of my fingers against the crotch of your panties, feeling the swelling lips of your labia. A low moan escapes your lips as my finger brushes against your clitoris, feeling the growing dampness of your crotch as our excitement rises.

Your hands reach to the waistband of my jeans, unbuttoned them and drew down the zip. With your help we manoeuvre my jeans and pants off my hips and release my cock. It responds to its freedom from the confines of my pants by springing up excitedly to your touch. Your fingers encircle the limp organ and slowly being to rub it up and down its length. The blood flows into my stiffening cock and soon, under your expert touch, it is a hard, throbbing organ, my foreskin peeled back and the purple glans pulsating with each stroke of your hand.

Finally we break our embrace and stop our kiss. I stand up, step out of my jeans, remove my shirt and stand before you. You remove your blouse and skirt to reveal a splendid lacy basque, with a silky black thong topped off by pair of lacy black stockings. Your breasts almost spilling out over the top of the basque, the thong cleaving the cheeks of your bottom and barely containing the excited swollen lips of your labia, already leaking your pussy juices.

You kneel down before me and take hold of my cock, guiding it towards your mouth. You flick your tongue over the head, licking the bead of clear slippery fluid has oozed from it. You purse your lips and then push the against the head of my cock, slowly allowing it to penetrate your mouth, licking it with your tongue as it slides in to the wet, warm welcoming orifice. Slowly, inch by inch you take the entire length into your mouth, sucking strongly as your nose touches against my groin, your hands stroking my inner thighs and brushing against my balls.

I groan in ecstasy as your tempo increases, your head bobbing along my cock as it moves in and out of your mouth, throbbing, pulsating. Your tongue and inside of your cheeks envelope my knob, drawing it ever deeper into your mouth, sucking me, licking me, devouring my stiff and throbbing manhood. I place my hands either side of the back of your head, guiding your head along my cock as I fuck your mouth with deep, long strokes, my balls tingling as sublime pleasure racks my body. Moaning loudly I feel the semen rising from my balls, coursing through my testicles, streaming up through my cock, my knees quiver, my prick starts to twitch and buck and finally explodes in orgasm, sending stream after stream of hot, sticky, salty cum into the back of your throat. Greedily you bear down on my ejaculating cock, sucking every drop of my spunk and drinking it down.

You release my cock, still weeping spunk, and grin at me, semen still dribbling from the corner of your mouth and dropping onto your breasts. I cup your face in my hands and dropping down to my knees kissing you fully on the lips, tasting my salty cum in your mouth. Dropping my hands to your breasts I stroking them, kneading them, working them gradually out of the top of your strapless basque. I move my head to the now free nipples and suck each one in turn, biting the teats, pulling the between my teeth, roughly squeezing them with my hands, rubbing the palms of my hands over the hardening nipples.

Moaning gently, you lean backwards and gently I lower you to the floor, still sucking on your nipples, caressing your breasts. Once prone, I move my left hand to the triangle of material covering your pubic mound. The gusset of your thong, barely containing your swollen labia, and wet to the touch with your oozing pussy juices. Teasing, I trace the slit of your pussy with my finger, deliberately using a light touch to tickle you. You part your thighs allowing my hand to gain greater access to your pussy, rubbing up and down the gusset, pressing slightly harder each time touch your clitoris. You moan and arch your back, the push your hips upwards to rub your wet pussy against my hand.

I mover my head down to your groin, licking and biting your pussy lips through the thin black silky material of your thong. Nibbling your labia through the material. I hook my thumbs under the waistband and pull the thong tight against your snatch and hard up between the cheeks of your ass. You place you hand on the back of my head and with pressure on my head and an upward thrust of your hips, you grind you sweet smelling cunt against my face. I pull the gusset aside, rubbing my nose against your clit and probing my tongue into the wet slippery folds of your hole. You writhe and moan, pushing your cunt harder against my face, grinding your snatch against my tongue, your clit against my nose. Panting, gasping we move into a 69 position, you taking my tool into your mouth once more while I probe, lick and suck at your cunt, peeling your pussy apart with my fingers and inserting a single digit inside.

You work your magic on my previously flaccid cock, revitalising it to its pulsating throbbing glory.

“Fuck me”, you gasp, “fuck me now, fuck my pussy ‘til I cum”

Happy to oblige, I turn around and pulling your legs up I position the head of my knob against your slit, feeling the heat of your hot wet snatch against the hard purple head of my knob. Slowly,inch by inch I push my hard cock into your wet slippery cunt, driving it to the hilt in one deep slow thrust. Groaning with ecstasy you wrap your legs around my back and squeeze me, holding me deep inside you. Feeling your hot wet pussy all around my aching knob, grinding my groin in small circular motions as you gasp and shiver, calling out as ripples of orgasm shudder through you. I continue thrusting and grinding as more orgasms rip through you, your pussy squelching as your cum dribbles out over my balls and down your pussy to you ass.

I move your legs to rotate your hips, and straddling your right leg, and with your left leg across my chest I continue to poke your quivering orgasming cunt. I reach down with my right hand and rub my thumb against the bud of your anus. It is wet and slippery from your cum and my thumb slips in effortlessly. Slowly, gently probing your ass with my thumb, while my cock pounds in and out of your cunt, you groan, gasping and moaning in sublime pleasure.

“Fuck my ass” you cry out, “stick your hard, throbbing cock up my ass and fuck me, fill my ass with your cum.”

Needing no second invitation to fuck such a gorgeous ass, I pull my cock out of your cunt and put the head up against the bud out your ass. Already lubricated with your cum, and with my cock covered in your slippery love juices it slips in easily, into the tight sphincter of your ass. You cry out as I slide each inch in until I have penetrated you completely and rest with my balls against your right buttock , with your left buttock against my groin. Your ass is so tight and with you working the sphincter to grip my cock, I slowly fuck your ass. Pushing in and out, thrusting deep and hard, loving the sensation of your ass cheeks against my skin, my balls slapping against your butt.

With one of your hands rubbing your pussy and your other hand pulling your nipples, I grip your left leg against my chest as I drive my aching throbbing cock as deep as I can into your ass, fucking you harder and harder, faster and faster until once again my balls twitch and my throbbing aching cock, deep inside your ass spurts another load of hot cum inside you.

Slowing down I push a few more final thrusts, fucking your ass. Still inside your ass I grip you with my thighs, the waves of ecstatic orgasmic pleasure washing over both of us as I fill your ass with my cum.

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