I had a dream....  

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12/2/2005 4:40 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I had a dream....

Standing behind you, I lean my body closer, my chest brushing against the material of your body. I reach forward with my hands and touch your shoulders. I gently massage your shoulder blades , my fingers working in ever widening circles until they start to touch your chest. You moan softly and lean your body back towards me and our bodies press against each other. Your cool naked buttocks touching my penis and lightly pressing into my groin. My hands drop to the top of your breasts and slowly massage them, working my fingers into the cups restraining them and releasing the nipples to the open air. I pull and squeeze them, feeling them grow erect and hard beneath the palms of my hands as I tease and squeeze them still further.

Softly moaning and breathing slightly deeper, you reach back and gripping my hips with your hands pull me hard against you buttocks, while at the same time leaning forward to push your ass hard against me. My cock responds and starts to pulse and throb between the cheeks of your bottom, slowly hardening. Slowly, rhythmically you sway your hips, grinding my hardening cock against your ass. My foreskin retracts and the throbbing purple head rubs the cool flesh of your cheeks, but close enough to feel the warmth of your pussy.

My hands drop to your hips and the slow gently rhythm, becomes a harder, more urgent motion. Gasps and moans escaping our mouths as our passion rises. I reach my right hand round in front of you and starting from your stomach, slowly work my way down towards your pussy, pausing to massage your mons pubis, feeling the intense but moist warmth emanating form you pussy.

My fingers trace the outline of your swollen labia beneath the material of the g string body, held tightly in place, but oozing your wet juiciness, with each thrust. You own hands reach to your breasts and start toying with your nipples, pulling them, twisting them as our hips bump and grind. My left hand reaches round to your right hip and pulls you tightly against me, my throbbing erect cock hard between the cheeks of your ass as you squeeze your buttocks to trap the shaft there with each thrusting motion. My fingers peel back the material of your gusset to find that you are already hot, wet and slipper. My finger effortlessly slides into you hot pussy, feeling the soft warm inviting folds of flesh engulf the inquisitive digit as it explores.

Then you lean forward a tiny bit more and with a slight movement of my hips and bending of my knees, the engorged head of my throbbing penis rubs against the wet slippery lips of your cunt. Pausing only to tease by rubbing the head up and down your slit, I slowly push my aching cock into your welcoming hot pussy. You push back with your hips, bearing down upon my cock until you are almost sitting in my groin and we are joined as one. Exquisitely we stand there, almost motionless, feeling each other, me inside you, you, surrounding and engulfing me.

Then as one, we start to move, slowly at first, small circular motions with gentle thrusts, my cock sliding in and out of you, your pussy gripping and releasing me, sliding deeper and deeper, thrusting harder and harder. Gasping, moaning, the squelching noises of our lovemaking drowned only by the ever louder grunts and moans of our passion. The speed increases, the passion higher, the thrusts deeper, harder, faster until you start to tremble, by balls start to twitch, your orgasm begins to release, my throbbing, thrusting, aching prick, twitches, bucks and begins to release jet after jest, stream after stream of hot white sticky cum, deep inside your cunt, deep inside the soft wet folds of flesh. Shivering with pleasure, ecstatic with orgasmic release we slow, our thrusts becoming shallower until we stop, with my still hard cock inside you, my cum mingled with your juices, running down my balls and your legs.

You pull yourself off my cock and turn around, kneeling down before me, you open your mouth and take the head of my cock, still covered in the mixture of our love juices, into your mouth and slowly suck it, taking it all into your mouth, inch by inch, until your nose is in my groin and your chin against my balls. Sucking harder and harder, keeping my cock still hard and erect…..

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