World Record  

rm_MrRite23 45M
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3/12/2006 10:15 am
World Record

I was thinking about all the situations that poke fun at men lasting for only 1 or 2 minuets in the sack. Do we agree that can be a result of lost lust or lack of imagination.Most new couples have sex many times a day and per week and then we see that taper off as commonality or interest decreases.But do we all agree that most men givin the motivation and in the proper state of mind can go for gold. My lover and i used to enjoy checking the clock after lovemakeing and really got off seeing that mabey 1 2 or 3 hours had passed. i think its so good when you can have sex all day and just be one with that certain person. Anybody have any personal records? How many hours/Orgasams.Like i said my personal best is about 3 hours.I think that is alot compared to 3 minuets!

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