Standing strong  

rm_MrBlueEyeGuy 30M
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5/20/2006 2:25 am
Standing strong

Ive always had a very "The strong survive" outlook at life, thats why Ive always hated weakness, especially in gets so bad that I wanna kick my own ass for being that week.
Its something that has played a major role in what I am now.
I now realise how much I really needed it when growing up.
I was one of those anti-social puts' that couldnt get nething right...wasn't good at nething.
I needed that cause it made me stronger, I reforged myself into someone who survies no matter what.
In engineering I dont know how people get by without what I had to go through.
All the shit I was put through (and put myself through)really case hardened me for the challenges I face from day to day in my studies and life.
Love kicked me in the balls back up and said fuck you, I can make it alone.
Ive had so many temting times during my course when Ive thought to myself that I can cheat or copy or find a dodgy way round things, and Ive stopped myself and got rid of the weakness...sticking to what I know to be right even if its only for myself.

So here I am, standing strong, lonely but surviving and Im gonna make it trhough even stronger.

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