Today I'm more at peace about it...  

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5/19/2005 7:59 am

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Today I'm more at peace about it...

Ahhhh...last night the fever broke, spell wore off, whatever you wish to call it. (Blush)

After I'd seen her, I opted to walk home from her place to think hard about things and to savour it all. It was a bit over an hour walk from her place on the mountain to mine down below. A few miles.

But I was on a high, every once in a while I'd catch some of her body scent on me (not perfume nor cologne or anything, I'm talking her natural scent) from when I'd hugged her. Every wave of the scent brought me a warm tingle and a smile...a romantic reaction and a sexual reaction deep down.

So I spent all of yesterday still in a bit of a hormone haze from meeting her. But since she didn't contact me at all yesterday (which I knew she wouldn't be phoning stated last post), well I was too wound up, too anxious to hear what she thought of me.

So late last night around midnight I resigned myself that since she might not have read my messages to her even and hadn't returned my call after the date...well...I do admit women see me as a good friend and not as a sexual creature. Online, I let it hang out (hey, I saw you peeking at it hehehe...just teasing). But seriously, online I do let a small part of my sexuality be glimpsed. I'm the monogamous, cuddly, caring, loving, supportive, funny, loyal version of a satyr. Satyrism, for those that don't know about such things, is the term for the male version of nymphomania. Women consider most guys to be always horny and like dogs...well those with satyrism are an evolutionary step beyond that. We maintain erections for hours through two or three climaxes, and it's all about the woman would want to have sex with a greedy person for any length, so ever since I was 12 (long before I had sex with a woman), I decided that I wanted to be a pleasure-giver.

Hmmmm...on that note...I wonder if I can do some erotic writing in this blog??? The censor-bot nailed me a couple of times on my "date part two" which is why it took me so long to get it posted properly...hmmmm...I think I'll try it...give you something more entertaining than my life to read for once. (Wink)

Just a small note before I do so...I write my real, true self into my reading them is pretty much what an in-person lovemaking session with me is like. Not that you're looking for that, I understand, but it can heighten your connection to the story which will heighten your pleasure if that's what you read erotica to achieve.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope my story dazzles you a little today,

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