Somewhere to write again... (Grin)  

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5/18/2005 8:14 pm

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Somewhere to write again... (Grin)

Ahhh...once again I feel the need to write, so here I am. Let me apologize in case there's any delicate viewers out there that see my profile pic and are offended. Long story short, sending lots of messages but getting zero views with my real face and sweet profile, so I had to switch gears to full-on sex machine to fit in. It's still accurate of me, but it's only a single facet of mine, my intense sexuality I mean...the day-to-day me is funny, deep, insightful, caring, gentle, intimate, and even loving. I also only see one woman at a time (highly sexual but monogamous...we're rare but we're out there hehehe). So that's a basic intro.

I used to write erotica, had a sex & relationship advice column online with 1,000 readers per week...but that was a couple of years ago. Now I'm pretty much back to being invisible. (Grin) I don't give off a sexual vibe when I'm out in public, so nobody has a clue what they miss when I pass them on the streets. I know there's a lot of guys like me out there, and more than a few women who are absolutely dynamite lovers but it's like an secret identity. (Wink)

I think I'll put this first one up before adding the next segment. I went out for my first date in over two years last night (I have an EXTREMELY hard time breaking the ice with a stranger face-to-face and being every relationship and lover has sprung from online...even back before the internet in the old BBS days in highschool). So coming up next, the breakdown of my date. Well...not that you'd care to read it or anything, but this is a blog and I came to write and release things out onto the screen to deal with them...and to work them out in my head since they get processed better as I type and think about things. You really should try it...writing is very good for you mentally.

Until next message, thanks for tuning me in,

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