Sex Advice for Guys: Female Pleasure...take notes...  

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6/4/2005 5:49 am

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Sex Advice for Guys: Female Pleasure...take notes...

Mistake one was posting this in someone else's Blog, so I'll put it up on here where guys can find it.

I truly don't want to sound arrogant or like I'm bragging.

I have never made love to a woman who wasn't multi-orgasmic. Further, I've never had a single encounter where the woman didn't achieve multiple orgasms. Please don't hate me for saying that...I'll give you a few tips on how it's possible.

Your approach to sex has EVERYTHING to do with it. If it's selfish or only about your own pleasure, then you'd better start shopping for diesel-powered sex toys. Just kidding. But guys need to focus on a woman's pleasure during sex. Even a guy who has an average to small penis can still do it although I have to admit that some length can be involved.

Guys climax from shallow penetration since the vagina is tightest at the opening...UNLESS she's squeezing and has developed good inner muscles. Women however need as much inner stimulation as possible so sliding in as much as possible is best for her pleasure. Now the speed comes into play...give a woman as much as you comfortably can and move very very slowly so that she can feel every part of you inside her and this will focus every tingling nerve on what she feels inside her. Also take time to pause inside her at maximum depth from time to time for about fifteen seconds or more to let her squeeze your feels great and it can really get her going, too. Now she's ready for you to work up some speed and increase the power of your thrusts. Boom...boom...boom... Keep that up for a few minutes if your stamina allows and help her climax around your cock. If you feel you're close to climaxing yourself and she hasn't had at least one or two good orgasms, then downshift again to deep and slow. One smooth, slow stroke in should take five or ten seconds, think less than an inch a second if you can't get the pace right. This will drive her nuts and allow you to cool your jets. Repeat as necessary until she orgasms and if done right you can create a simultaneous orgasm.

That was the basic course.

The more advanced is that you've got to be using your hands unless they're holding you up in which case your mouth or other body parts. Her skin is highly sensitive and the more stimulation you give her, the more bloodflow which will also help with orgasm. You don't need to be suave but you should enjoy the feel of her skin to truly get into the spirit of this. If she's not into body touching, then focus on just pleasure points she'll allow you to touch instead of trying for a full-body massage.

And yes, you can certainly touch her clitoris, but that's almost cheating. (Grin) If you want to amaze her, then learn how to make her cum without direct clitoral contact, unless of course she's not wired any other way. It could happen...

Kissing, licking, rubbing, stroking, squeezing, fondling...jam all of these words in your vocabular as pleasure words. Pumping & thrusting can be mighty hot & work wonders, but they need a little help unless she was super horny to begin with.

Also, what you say during sex can make a big difference, but not everyone is into that so I'll leave it at's totally up to you & them.

Foreplay also plays a huge part since she needs to be excited before you reach penetration. Makes sense, right? But just how turned on she is plays a bigger part still. If she's almost ready to ask you why you're not sliding inside her yet, then she's well on her way to being turned on enough.

Oral. You knew it was coming. OK...skip the pun. But if you can help her climax once before you slip inside her then she'll be wonderfully sensitive and her next (etc etc etc) orgasm will be much easier. For goodness sakes don't give her a quick two minutes or even only ten or're going to need to invest some time here, guys. If your jaw or tongue just aren't up to it, then you'd better run out and start chewing some gum or grab yourself some hard candies to suck on. Candies in this case are better because you can work on your tongue skills by juggling it around in your mouth...and don't worry, none of your buddies will have a clue. If you're diabetic then grab a button or something smooth that you can work in your mouth to develop some skill & stamina with. Don't forget her thighs while you're down there, I am a huge fan of thighs and their fleshy texture, so you'd better be rubbing & stroking and there'd better even be some kissing & nibbling. She'll let you know what she likes if you listen to the sounds she makes. Before I sign off, the very best advice for oral technique learning I've heard was from the late Sam Kinison..."Lick the alphabet". That's right, guys, you heard me...use your tongue to trace each letter at a time down on her sensitive parts. Listen and stay aware for the letters she enjoys the best so you can repeat them and change them up to repeat her favourite letter patterns. If you don't enjoy giving oral, then make a game out of it where you spell out your name and even sentences or see how many letters you can do before she climaxes. I love giving oral, but I realize that some of you guys might need a little nudge to get into it, so little tongue games will help and she'll adore you for the effort.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone learned a little something tonight (other than the fact I have no life and no lover to do these things with...yet).

I hope I helped,

rm_MovieBuff333 43M
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6/4/2005 10:49 pm're right, I did miss that detail there. I was too eager to cover all the basics that I missed that. I was rather horny when I wrote that, so I spent about an hour hammering out that post the other night. I tried to keep it light and playful yet authoritative.

True, only the first couple of inches have the most nerve endings, but deeper penetration is pleasureable to both partners because of the amount of flesh-to-flesh contact. Specifically, the amount of cock sliding over the most sensitive first couple of inches of a woman's vagina. So more sliding equals better. Otherwise, both partners enjoy shallow sex much more if you look at where her nerves are and where she's tightest for him. So yes, I should have clarified that.

To re-state it, the big reason going in all the way is best is because he's usually thickest at the base which gives her more to squeeze and she's more full in terms of girth which enhances the slick-friction. Plus the big part I missed that you caught is that grinding against her clit with his pubic bone is something she'll realy wow about. Triggering a combination orgasm would be best...both a vaginal & clitoral. I believe if you trigger a clitoral orgasm while a woman's vagina is full also gives a combination orgasm...but it's been years so I'm severely out of practice. (Blush)

Thanks for clearing up those points, Nancy, it lead to some other interesting points, too. And hey I'm not a qualified these are only my personal observations while lovemaking...which means I can be way off the mark.


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6/4/2005 11:17 pm


Yes, not a problem, I understand why it got was way off topic in your Blog. I started out responding to the question on there that I've never been with anyone who WASN'T multi-orgasmic and who didn't have multiple orgasms each occasion... And since I knew everyone would think I was lying, I felt I had to back it up with the techniques that have worked for away some of my secrets so that other guys can improve their lady's sex life...and their own. I've helped couples before. (Grin)

OK, I get the impression you're a woman who gets a lot of sex, so I'll pass on to you a move that you'll absolutely love but you'll have to teach it to your partner. This one is for...well when I do it it's guaranteed, so we'll call it "almost guaranteed" bring on a multiple orgasm. Done just right, for a full minute or two to stretch the climax-string out that long, it causes a woman to pass out from pleasure. I swear I'm not making that up or bragging. OK, here's what you do and the best position to do it in:

Let's get him to lay down on his back with his legs together. OK, now you climb on top in the standard "cowgirl" position with your legs bent so that your knees & shins are on the bed. I believe leg tension has something to do with the bloodflow of this technique. Now ride him. Harder. Come on, you can do it. I want to see you work up a sweat. Now where did I put that camera? Just kidding...keep riding and let me know when you're getting close. Pump pump pump. There you go, move those hips. Now what you're looking to do here is at some point you'll have him all the way inside and do some pelvic grinding. Nothing like the feel of pubic hair across a clit is there? Getting close? Keep grinding and squeezing. Almost? OK, when you're close, I want you to bend forward so that your nipples are brushing through his chest hair (unless you prefer him smooth). Either way, you're bent over on top of him with your head by his shoulder, getting ready to climax, and here's where his hands are going to work the most magic. He reaches up and grabs your ass, not spanks it or smacks it unless you haven't started your climax yet and you're into a little playful swat. As you start to climax and your body tenses, he should start to knead/squeeze your ass like dough...HARD...this increases bloodflow and he'll notice you get more tense and your voice goes up an octave which emans it's starting to work. He keeps kneading your ass and soon a second climax will start, your legs are tense and since you're bent over your ass muscles are tightened. Now the next part is harder to describe...he has to squeeze his fingers together while pulling so that as they come together, they push his hand off your ass. If you put your hand flat on the table and try to put all of your fingertips together as though you're grabbing something you'll see what I mean. He has to do this firmly, but not actually pinching, over and over again. Higher octave. Tenser. Higher octave. Tenser. And within the first minute you'll suddenly go silent. This totally freaked me out the first couple of times it happened since it's a night & day difference within a split second. You'll be in a very pleasant haze, unconscious, for maybe two to five minutes and your senses return on their own...I don't know exactly how or why it works I just know I've never failed to pull it off when I'm in the mood to do it.

What's best is if he stays under you and holds you until you wake up so that you're not totally disoriented if he's not even in the room. To you, when you're aware again it will be as though it's only been a two-second gap but you'll feel better than you ever had before from orgasming.

Try it a few times, it'll take a bit of practice to get it right, but even if it just triggers a second or third climax I think you'll still be a happy camper.

Thanks for popping onto my thread, too, you're welcome anytime even though I know it's not as exciting as yours. (Grin)

Take care, and stay sexy,

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6/5/2005 1:54 am

Sexyfitwoman: mistake, I didn't see my post on your Blog last night so I thought it had been deleted. My apologies, that's why I referred to it as a mistake last night. (Blush) I'm sorry about that. Either way, it was good that I posted it here on my own Blog as well in case anyone wants to read it.

Thanks again for dropping by,

abc987655 51F

6/27/2005 11:42 pm

Great post - maybe I should make it mandatory reading for any interested men...

rm_MovieBuff333 43M
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6/28/2005 5:17 pm

Go for it. Yes, these tips actually work. Aside from Sam Kinison's input they're techniques I figured out on my own the first few months I started having sex. And it gets better as I get more practice.

With the right stimulation and practicing the timing, I believe every woman can be multi-orgasmic. I haven't made love with a single woman yet who I wasn't able to discover what worked best for her. Oh how I love to hear a woman get hotter and hotter and's almost as rewarding as my own climax...except I can keep her cycling most of the night. Yummy!

So feel free to print it out or make your own version and hand it to a potential lover as homework material. hehehe


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8/3/2005 4:54 pm

Im 20yrs old and have had 1 partner and we dated for 6 months, i am a very pre-mature ejaculator. its seems when i reach my fullest erection i am ready to cum. Ive finished a few times before i even got the condom on. How can i mainttain a solid erection with out blowing it to early. How long is an average session of sex. My main goal is to make her cum.

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