Poetry post: Always the Fool  

rm_MovieBuff333 43M
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6/2/2005 6:04 am

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Poetry post: Always the Fool

How many times must I bang my head against the wall
before I start avoiding the smell of wood?
What scent do I give off that attracts Player women?
The ones who never knew how to treat somebody good
So much time wasted in loneliness
of that fact I can assure you this
set of lips will no longer kiss
those unworthy of my faithful bliss
No more will wicked women ruin me
With deceptions of fidelity
That never were intended to be
Since they only wished to stay free
I am not the suspicious type
I am not a gutter snipe
I just want someone who likes calm days
Lovemaking, kissing, an endearing phrase
Someone to tell I love them in so many ways
And yet I'm in a place where people flirt
Talk about asking to get hurt
I don't know why
But still...
I try

Sorry...just having a blue morning/day. I'll feel better once I get to work and see my friends. Tired of being a headgame target, that's all... And the poem would have been better but I only could spare ten minutes before work...got to hit the showers.

May your own day bring you fortune & light, may you find someone to treat you right, may everything you wish for be yours tonight, and all your dreams come without a fight. That is my blessing for you today...well I mean ummm...hmmm...not sure why I used that word...anyways, have a great day, I'm just being a poetic ass this morning. (Blush)


rm_MovieBuff333 43M
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6/2/2005 5:53 pm

Wow...I was just a little ummmm...tense...this morning!

I'd had a bad dream before waking up and it kinda stuck with me...situations I'd been in too many times before.

Oh well...today was a tiring day at work but overall I feel good about it. It became a positive day. However, as predicted I was stuck in my poetry-mindset for over an hour after scratching out that poem this morning. All the way to work everything was poetry in my head...woof.

Well cranking the air conditioner here and stripping down since it's far too hot for clothing tonight til the A/C does its job.

Take care, get naked, and have fun,

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