Is there a wrong thing to look for on here?  

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6/20/2005 8:22 pm

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Is there a wrong thing to look for on here?

When I hear "casual sex" and "no strings" it's actually more turn off than turn on. It makes it sound like a one-night tryst. To me it sends the signal of "thanks...but no thanks" meaning that it was good enough to try but not good enough to come back for more. Sometimes hearing a simple "you're not even CLOSE to my type, Bub..." would be kinder.

I'm not going to knock the people who do it and the people who are looking for it since everyone has their favourite flavour. And everyone has a preference which is natural. It's just not my chosen path...

I send off signals though that will royally freak out the average casual sex woman. I'm either too intense or too intimate or too personal. For me sex is a big deal, it's rare that I find someone to have sex with regularly. Hey, I can admit that. However the upside is that when I do have someone who I'm having sex with it's high octane large quantities.

Normally I'm a relationship guy, some days it's like a curse but I have feelings...and so this means I can't have sex without thinking the woman is amazingly wonderful. However, bad experiences in the past have taught me that you have to minimize what you say after great sex. There has to be a balance somewhere and I admit I'm still trying to find it. I can advise other people & give them some basic directions but when it comes to actually putting my own advice to use my feelings always complicate things.

I'm over here chuckling because I just opened a fortune cookie that says "What's vice today me be virtue tomorrow." Isn't that the truth. (Grin)

I'm excited at the very thought of being able to have sex again, at being able to make a woman feel so good that she'll look at me appreciatively in the morning, and of course seeing if she enjoyed herself so much that she wants to make me hers...that's something that really thrills me. Hey, it's not my fault that my self-esteem looks like Mike Tyson's punching bag. (Grin) Actually, I'm working on that and things are coming along really well. I'm still very sensitive about my looks but I know that I have all the world to offer a woman who makes the leap of faith to choose me. I hope that what's happening in my personal life right now leads to her choosing me.

But I don't dare get my hopes up because I know what happens when I do that.

Rich out...

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