Erotica Story post: continuing where I left off...going oral...  

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Erotica Story post: continuing where I left off...going oral...

Hi there...for those reading this story here, I enjoyed a good movie and I'm feeling much better. Plus a pleasant message in my email to perk me up certainly helped. (Smile) And now back to the story, this of course is the second part of it...feel free to read the first part, labeled "Erotic Story Post".

Now let's see...I had you in your computer chair, your robe open across your shoulders, your thighs bared and parted so I could kneel between them. You're facing me, your nipples still glistening with my saliva from a wonderful sucking a moment ago.

I see your lust and desire flashing in your eyes and I take a moment to drink that in. Hmm...your desire summons my passion. I give you a very sexy look and lick my lips sensually. You curl your fingers in your soft robe and part it wider, all the way down now. I let my gaze travel down over your body, delighting in looking at you, wanting to feel you again. I must have you!

My hands come back into play, stroking the backs of my nails across both knees and up both inner thighs. I feel your muscles tense and your legs spread wider the higher my questing fingers travel. Soon I come to the place where my fingertips feel your moist heat, so soft, wet, inviting, and desirable.

I bring my lips to your throat again, kissing you there repeatedly as my fingers stroke along your moist slit, teasing a little but definitely intent on bringing you so much more pleasure. I feel you move your hips towards my fingers and I let you set our pace as I kiss my way up to your sensitive lips again. And we kiss as you wet my fingers more moment by moment. You moan into my mouth, your breath getting deeper. A finger slips easily within you and I curl it up towards the roof of your womanhood, stroking that place inside behind your tender love bud. Sparks of sexual energy slam up and down your body as I put my lips in all of your favorite places and use my fingers to gently explore you, working a tempo that quickens with your breathing.

Your fingers in my thick, soft hair again, pulling me to you. I feel your nipples run through my chest hair as my fingers swirl smoothly within you, finding the most pleasurable spots within you by intuition and by monitoring your reactions. Hmm...I love to map your pleasure points inside & out! It helps me to constantly improve as your lover.

My other hand moves to your breasts and strokes one, then squeezes the other with just the right amount of pressure you like and no more. You're moving your hips more intensely now. My thumb on your slippery love button detects it throbbing. I simply have to lick you...I want you to climax. I want to have my tongue sliding up and down your slit and over your clitoris when you buck against me, roll your head back, and the pleasure engulfs you. Yeah...that will be the cherry on my sundae tonight.

You feel my hot breath across your nakedness, I nibble up your inner thigh first, loving the soft feel of your fleshy thigh. Hmm...delightful! I suck gently on one of your labia then lick up along the textured inner side of it. You moan a little and I vibrate you a little as I moan in return. The tingles further arouse you and you grind a bit against my chin as I continue licking up one labia and then down the other. Your clitoris is feeling left out but one more set of licks and then I'll focus. Promise. (Wink)

Up. Down. And then it's all about your clitoris. I part my soft lips a little to spread your nether lips a little and to catch your firm bud between them. Then my tongue pokes out and I'm lovingly licking across it again and again. You moan. I moan and it vibrates. Your thighs twitch. The sensations running through you are almost too intense, so I back off a tiny bit and just use my tongue now. Licking up. Licking down. Licking rapidly side to side. Small circles. Painting shapes and designs across your pleasure center now. Swirling around and across, your hands in my hair pull me in tight, you grind against my chin, the bridge of my nose sliding harder across your clitoris as your climax approaches. Minutes pass as I keep licking harder the way you want me to as you get nearer and nearer to your orgasm. That's very good. I can feel your muscles vibrating, your thighs quaking, toes curling, buttocks clenching. Oh yes you're going to come so very very VERY hard!

Licking. Sucking. Probing. Slurping. Tunneling. Making you feel fantastic. Suddenly you go silent but every muscle in your body tenses...and then releases with your breath in a whoosh. My chin becomes soaked as your pleasure pours forth from you, I'm truly glad you enjoyed that.

Maybe you'd like some more of the same? Maybe you'd like something larger inside you now? Or maybe something else in mind? I'll keep stroking you softly while you decide. Then I'll drop my own robe and see if I can bring you some more sweet, tender pleasure. Or maybe we should spend more time touching, kissing, savoring the feel of each other's bodies first? Hmm..either way...I enjoy you thoroughly...

Ah, my whole body is tingling from writing this as though I'd just had a good climax of my own. Good erotic writing does that to you, you know. (Wink) Writer's secret there for you.

Until next time, I hope you enjoyed me,

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