Ahhh today brings fresh hope...and some male psyche insights...  

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5/20/2005 7:34 am

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Ahhh today brings fresh hope...and some male psyche insights...

Last night's cinema-therapy did the trick, also during the movie I checked my messages and found there was someone interested in getting to know me. So whether she changes her mind later or not, the hope of the moment is what makes my motor run smoothly. (Grin)

I know I've got to stop buying clothes from the "Make Me Invisible To Women" section. I've just never bought anything more noticeable because I think that if I start to, women will see it and figure I'm a player (negatively) or that I'm in the habit of picking up women. So that's even worse than being invisible...the dreaded negative judgement. So in the summer, I counteract this. (Grin)

In the late Spring, early Summer, as the weather warms my sandals come out to play. They're the good-looking kind that are also comfortable. They only last a couple of summers, but they look & feel good. They also show off my leg muscles. I've had my legs described by lovers as "perfect guy legs" and my feet have been described as attractive, too. Then I also break out my cargo-shorts, I'm not sure if they're tan or khaki exactly. Cool that almost rhymed...hmmm I should do a few poem-posts here sometime, off the top of my head, five-minute poems...oops got distracted.

But when I'm wearing my sandals (NEVER with socks, always bare feet) and my shorts, I get whistled at by women on porches and women driving by. It's a nice morale-booster for me (being invisible the rest of the year as I am) but it's ultimately hollow because they don't stop to talk to me.

Ladies, if you're attracted to a guy, it pays to make it known. There's a lot of us out there who are too intimidated to approach. Even online here, there's some very nice profiles, ones with promise, ones that have hot descriptions, and some with some very tasty pics. But the "she's out of my league" mentality kicks in so I don't message them even if I think they're completely fantastic. Not to mention if she's got over 100 guys on her network list then the thought of competition also makes me look elsewhere. It would be just begging for rejection. Don't believe me? Here...look at it statistically...100 guys and then add one more...from 101 that's less than one percent chance. No thanks, I like my self-esteem where it is without tossing it onto a busy highway. (Grin)

Ah the male psyche. If you're reading this, I'll try to take my posts to interesting places and give you some deeper insights on how I think, how guys think, and the messages we receive from the various things women do. Sure I like to write and post but it's been a long time since I had my advice column. So I'll speak my mind and try to be interesting here and there for you to read. I promise to warn you in the subject line if I'm going to put a poem in here. hehehe So don't be scared.

Ah...thanks for joining me today, it's so very good to not be invisible anymore. And if you're feeling invisible, too, then I'm listening. Oh yeah...and no matter HOW invisible I feel, apparently I still can't get into any places where women shower. Just kidding. hehehe

Writing makes me feel good, you should really try it.

Take care, and happy searching,

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