Fantasies Continue  

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6/9/2006 2:29 pm

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Fantasies Continue

I have had a bad day at work and have stopped at the first bar I see to unwind. As I walk into the bar I realize that it isn't the cleanest or best of the area bars, but since I just want a drink I keep going.

I walk up to the bar and order a Sam Adams. The cute bar tender brings over my bottle, sends me a smile, then heads down to the other end of the bar to wait on someone else. I sit there and drink my beer and watch the Red Sox game thinking about what I want to do with my evening.

The bartender brings me another beer, which I did not order. I look up questioningly and he points to a table. I look over at a handsome couple sitting at a table looking at me. I tilt my beer at them in thanks and continue to mourn over my baseball game.

During a commercial I take a moment to look the couple over. He is tall, handsome with blue eyes and dark hair, and appears to be very muscular, she is about my height with brown hair and green eyes and a great body.

I finish my beer and leaving a tip for the bartender on the table head for the bathroom. I do what I need to do and as I am washing my hands the woman walks in. She walks up to me and takes my head into her hands, I am so shocked that I don't know what to do. She leans in and kisses me. I have never kissed a woman before, but this kiss is incredible. I find that I am completely turned on.

She ends the kiss and says, "My husband and I want to fuck you." She hands me a card with the name of a hotel and a room number, turns around and walks out of the bathroom. I am left standing there dazed and wet.

Should I go? I have never had sex with more than one person at a time before, and never done anything with a woman. But then again I have always been fascinated by breasts, it has been a while since I got laid, and what a good way to end a bad day. Standing in the bathroom in that dingy bar I make up my mind. I exit the bathroom, noting that the couple has left, and head towards the hotel.

I get to the room and have a moment of indecision, should I really be doing this? In the moment of my indecision the door opens and the man is there staring out at me. He smiles a sexy smile, takes my hand and gently pulls me into the room.

I see his wife over his shoulder, she has started to take off her clothes and is standing there in a red lace bra and panty set. I am staring at her breasts which have to be at least a 34C. He catches me looking and asks if I like what I see. I nod.

"We are here to please you, that is all we want to do" she says to me and he agrees.

He begins to kiss me as he draws me farther into the room. she comes up behind me, and leans into me, I can feel her breasts against my back even as I am passionately kissing her husband. His hands are in my hair and hers reach around my body and sculpt themselves over my breasts. I start to moan as I realize how exciting this is.

He breaks away from the kiss, she takes a step back. They start to undress me. Soon I am standing naked in front of a fully dressed man and a half dressed woman. She walks around to my front and gently pushes me down onto the bed. As I fall my legs spread, when she sees that, a large smile splits her face. As I try to adjust myself on the bed she kneels down and buries her face into my already wet pussy.

He sheds his clothes and comes to lay on the bed beside me. As she is licking and touching my pussy he begins to do the same to my breasts. I am moaning and writhing on the bed in a state of total ecstasy. I cum and they switch places. He is now licking my pussy and she is straddling my stomach.

I can feel her wetness on my stomach through her panties. she takes one hand and runs it gently across my hard nipples, with her other hand she reaches up and unhitches her bra. I watch as her beautiful breasts are unleashed. She takes one of my hands and puts it on her breasts, it is silky smooth and then hard over her nipple, it is such an erotic wonder all of my exes have been obsessed with mine. She leans down and I take her nipple into my mouth and begin to suckle. He is still going at my pussy and I explode again.

He stands and I can see his big cock straining to be let in. I take a break from her breast and tell him to fuck me hard. He obliges. I am rocking back and forth from his thrusts, while she is rubbing her pussy on my stomach as I suck her tit. I suddenly feel a burst of extra wetness on my belly, oops she says with a satisfied smile, and I realize that she has rubbed herself to orgasm on me. I cum for the third time as he cums in me. They both get off me, smile at me, say thank you and head for the showers. I am glowing I am so satisfied, I get dressed and go home. As I walk I realize that I never even knew their names...

(as always this is a fantasy only)

justaguy441000 54M
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6/9/2006 7:12 pm

smiles.......sounds like heavin to me..hehehe nice story..

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