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6/13/2006 6:18 pm
And More

What a beautiful day to drive! It is 70 degrees and sunny and I have a three or four hour drive in front of me. I have good music to listen to, my sunglasses on and my foot on the gas. It is a good day. lights, but I'm only going....oops I guess 85 isn't ok on the highway. Ok, pull over, license, registration, insurance. I look in my rearview mirror, wow cute cop. I watch him walk up to my car.

"Please step out of the car miss" I get out of the car. I ask him why I need to and he informs me that it is a routine check. Since I have nothing other than a speeding ticket to worry about, I nod at him, and walk over to the side of his car like he asked me to.

I watch him look inside my car, and then walk towards me. He walks over to me and I ask him what is going on. He smiles a sexy little smile and asks me to lean against the car with my hands on the hood.

I begin to portest because I've done nothing wrong. He grabs my shoulder and pushes me towards the car. As he does so he leans in and whispers in my ear, you have been very naughty and I am here to make sure you get what you deserve. I shiver with fear and a little excitement. I'm not quite sure what he means but I'm hoping it is something good.

As I am bent over the hood of the car he presses against me and I can feel his cock straining to get out, it is then that I finally understand what he wants. I smile and rub my butt against him to let him know that I am more than ok with what he wants to do.

He caresses my butt as I watch cars fly by. His hand slips under my skirt, (boy am I grateful I decided to wear that) and his fingers begin to explore my already wet pussy. I hear him unzip his pants, he leans forward and tells me to get ready. He pushes aside my panties, and plays for a second, decides it is time and shoves his cock in me.

I squeal because it feels so good, and I am quivering because anyone can see. He pounds into and out of my pussy faster and faster until we both cum.

He smiles at me, lets me stand up and straighten myself out. He rips up my speeding ticket, and walks me back to my car. I get in, drive off and think, boy today is a good day.

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